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May 2, 2024 53 mins

Food waste is a $25 billion problem for American supermarkets, but Josh Domingues has an app for that. 

Josh is the founder and executive chairman of Flashfood, a simple but elegant application that directly connects consumers with local grocery stores to buy food nearing expiration at a huge discount. This approach is a win-win-win for all parties: grocers get paid for food they would throw out, customers get a massive discount, and less food waste ends up in pollutive landfills.

Josh spent his early career in finance and management, but a complaint from his sister, a chef, about how much food is thrown away after events set him on a new path to turn trash into treasure.

Hear how Josh turned a simple idea into a game-changing startup, why the grocery industry is moving towards sustainable innovation, and what’s next on Flashfood’s plate. 

Episode Highlights 

00:00 Josh on the moment he realized Flashfood would work

00:52 Conor Gaughan introduces Josh Domingues and Flashfood

05:09 Growing up in Toronto, hockey, and entrepreneurial influences

12:02 Career in finance, management consulting, and path to founding

15:38 How a catering event led to the launch of Flashfood

23:05 Entering the marketplace, building a product, and pitching the idea

31:12 How FlashFood works today for consumers and businesses

37:48 Breaking into the industry and US vs Canadian grocers

41:57 Prioritizing sustainability, food security, and positive impact  

48:46 Finding optimism 

51:15 Where to learn more and end credits

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