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January 25, 2024 43 mins

Artificial intelligence is booming, and Max Evans is ready for it. “Discovering machine learning was my very first moment of witnessing magic.” That discovery led him to co-found ClimateAi straight out of his dorm room at Stanford with his roommate, Himanshu Gupta, in 2017.

Today, the startup operates in 50 countries, using AI-enhanced forecasting to climate-proof global supply chains. 

Listen as Max shares his path from student to startup founder, unleashing the powerful potential of AI-based climate solutions. 

Episode timestamps:

  • 00:00 - 01:10 Max Evans on learning about artificial intelligence at Stanford University.
  • 01:11 - 03:44 Conor Gaughan introduces Max Evans of ClimateAi. 
  • 03:45 - 06:49 Growing up, early influences, and school at Harvard. 
  • 06:50 - 11:43 Machine learning, the family business, and launching a few startups. 
  • 11:44 - 14:51 MBA at Stanford, environmental engineering, and artificial intelligence.
  • 14:52 - 20:27 The genesis of ClimateAi and its initial projects.  
  • 20:28 - 24:35 The elevator pitch, climate intelligence, and how ClimateAi actually works 
  • 24:36 - 33:02 AI’s potential, the reality around climate change, and being a voice in the industry. 
  • 33:03 - 39:54 Aligning purpose and profits, ClimateAi projects, and innovations to keep an eye on. 
  • 39:55 - 41:59 Motivation, finding solutions together, and staying optimistic. 
  • 42:00 - 43:54 How to learn more and closing credits.

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