Cosmic Light Body

Cosmic Light Body

My name is Marc Abrams. After my awakening in July, 2018 I began experiencing events that would make a blockbuster Hollywood movie pale in comparison. Like many of you, I looked for other people that were experiencing similar things. I spent many hours watching videos and researching the seemingly crazy stuff that was happening to me. I continuously found validation in random places (usually to the amusement of my spirit guide). I slowly came to trust this inner voice that was coming through me. I've awakened a multidimensional awareness and a deep sense of knowing that had previously been asleep inside me.I created this Podcast to offer a new perspective for those going through a spiritual awakening. My focus will be to help to move past the distractions of the physical world and move into your core where your soul resides. Future episodes will cover topics such as:- My spiritual awakening experience including events and triggers that lead up to my awakening- What is the true nature of reality- We all have spirit guides. Learn how to contact your guide(s).- Do we ever really lose someone when they die? Can we communicate with them after death? - Are ETs real? - What is all this talk about dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D) and all this multidimensional stuff?- What does Ascension mean and what is the process really like?- How you can learn to work with energy and expand your awareness. - What is your life's purpose and how you can begin to discover it.- How to heal from past traumas so you can expand your consciousness. Reality goes far beyond our five senses. Subscribe to the Cosmic Light Body Podcast and begin your journey towards profound self-discovery. Visit my website for more great content!


June 8, 2023 23 mins

Join me on a journey beyond the physical realm as we explore the mysteries of the spiritual realm. In this episode, I discuss the age-old question of where we go when we die and uncover the secrets of the universal sphere as explained to me by my deceased father!  I also explore the energetic perspective of why we are here and how we can connect with our higher selves. I touch on the generational elements that come into play and ho...

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Throughout your spiritual awakening journey, different stages of ascension will unfold. The path towards enlightenment is a long and winding one filled with peaks, valleys and sharp turns.  

When I awakened, I realized that I had been navigating the ascension process for decades.  It was in the moment of my spontaneous spiritual awakening when I had confirmation that I was far more than my physical body.

In this episode, I discuss th...

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What does it feel like to awaken spiritually?  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Horton White of Soulful Work Consulting on this very topic.  Join us as we discuss spiritual awakening and all of the ups and downs that accompany this glorious growth process.  We dive into higher self integration, the Akashic records, energy healing, and much more.

You can visit Rachel's Website Here:  https://www.soul...

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Humanity is awakening to their true galactic history.  We are remembering our place among the stars as a result of a powerful expansion of consciousness.  This cosmic expansion is activating long dormant DNA and allowing us to rejoin our star family as members of the Galactic Federation.

Join me in this enlightening conversation with Ismael Perez as we dive into his new book, Our Cosmic Origin.  Learn how you can experienc...

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Our guides come into our consciousness in many different ways.  When I first awakened, I began searching for information about what was happening to me.  I was so fortunate to discover Dr. Suzanne Lie and her amazing contact with the Arcturians and Rey Hernandez, co-author of the book "Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence".  These two individuals were so helpful to me as I na...

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We are in the process of integrating our multidimensional galactic consciousness.  Each day, lightworkers are awakening to their soul's mission here on earth. 

In this enlightening discussion, Ismael and Marc dive into the ascension process (integration process) that is happening on our planet, throughout our solar system, and our universe.   What can humanity expect next?  Who is the galactic federation?  Will there...

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I've received numerous biblical messages and visions since my spiritual awakening four years ago.  Recently, I made a divine connection between my visions and their biblical representations.   Where did these messages come from?  What do they mean?  As I followed the breadcrumbs, I came across Kabbalah.  This synchronicity was too powerful to ignore!   

In this enlightening discussion with my good friend, Sandra Tiffa...

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I had an amazing opportunity to connect with Dr. Suzanne Lie, PhD.   Dr. Suzanne has been connecting with the Arcturians, Pleiadians and the Galactic Federation for decades.  Her website ( was very influential after my spiritual awakening!

In this video, we discuss the ascension process, how to ground and get centered to receive divine messages, and our role in extraterrestrial contact.  Make sure y...

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Are you experiencing timeline shifts during the ascension process?  Can you feel the energetic shifts that are happening within you?

In this episode I have a conversation with Tonia Braddock about shifting timelines, quantum leaping, contact with our multidimensional guides and so much more!

Tonia is an empathic soul specializing in Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, EFT tapping and the Emotion Code. To learn more ...

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What you experience with your five senses isn't real.  It is simply electromagnetic feedback based on energetic frequency.  When you understand this on a deeper level, you begin to translate the feedback in a very different way.  In this episode, learn the real purpose behind the five senses and how your higher self will use that information to bring awareness to what needs healing! 

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel H...

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As we expand our consciousness, we become available for "new" to land in this reality.  In this episode, Andrea and I discuss a new energy healing modality that recently came forward during a connection with my main spirit guide.   

🌎 Subscribe to Andrea's YouTube Channel here:

🌎 Visit Andrea's website here:  https://sacredexpansion.c...

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What happens when two grid anchors come together to discuss ascension?  Something magical!  In this video, Andrea Garris and I discuss what's happening around the planet as more beautiful souls awaken to their magnificence.  What exactly is happening in our reality?  How can we assist others in navigating the energy?  Where are we headed?  These questions and more will be answered!   

🌎 Subscribe to Andrea's Yo...

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I recently had the pleasure of talking with Rey Hernandez, co-author and co-editor of “Beyond UFOs - The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence” and the soon to be released book "A Greater Reality - The New Paradigm of Nonlocal Consciousness the Paranormal & the Contact Modalities".

In this episode Rey and I discuss the topics of UFOs, UAPs, consciousness and how it is all connected....

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We often see multidimensional events as mutually exclusive.  We'll have contact with a deceased relative, an ET or other being at different times.  What if these experiences occurred together at the same time?  What would that look like?  Would you be able to perceive the different energies that were manifesting during the event?

In this episode, I share a very personal experience with you.  I discuss the amazing even...

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The ascension process is accelerating.  Can you feel it?  With all this high frequency energy available to us, we are presented with an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth!

This episode will explain how you can take full advantage of the current, high vibrational energy.  You will learn tips that will help you shift your perspective so that you can manifest from this new energy quickly! 

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In this episode of the Cosmic Light Body Podcast, I am joined by Michael Arterberry.  Michael is a motivational speaker who focuses on helping people move beyond difficult life situations and into a place of inner peace. 

Michael's passion for helping others has lead him to establishing the Youth Voices Center, an organization that works with middle school and high school students to help them navigate life's ch...

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The ascension process can be challenging especially when it comes to shadow work.  Identifying with the strong emotional trauma and physical pain can send you on a downward spiral.  There are so many ways we can understand the process of healing during ascension.  My spirit guide recently showed me an amazing way to understand the soul integration process from a different perspective. 

This episode will completely change ...

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2020 has sure been an interesting year!  As it comes to a close, things accelerate from an energetic perspective.  Cosmic events, UFO disclosure, collective clearing and more! 

How can we best prepare for what lies ahead?  In this episode we discuss the amazing growth opportunity that we are currently presented with and how we can hold the space so that we can experience our soul's highest potential!


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October 12, 2020 30 mins

In this episode I am once again joined by Tammy Bloom.  When we sat down to record this episode we allowed a free-flow of energy to commence.  This energy brought forth an enlightening discussion about why we as souls choose to come into this time-space reality.  After all, there has to be more to life than aspirations of wealth and material success.  We dive into our soul's true purpose and discover the real reason we choose ...

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In this episode I am joined by my friend Adriana Bramante.  We discuss the various ways we perceive spiritual energy and how we use it to help others heal.  We touch on the topics of staying centered, learning to surrender and letting go. 

Adriana is a Claircognizant , Medium and Reiki Master. Although she is based in Australia, she performs all her services distantly. She helps young women identify their blockages throug...

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