Cosmic Light Body

Cosmic Light Body

My name is Marc Abrams. After my awakening in July, 2018 I began experiencing events that would make a blockbuster Hollywood movie pale in comparison. Like many of you, I looked for other people that were experiencing similar things. I spent many hours watching videos and researching the seemingly crazy stuff that was happening to me. I continuously found validation in random places (usually to the amusement of my spirit guide). I slowly came to trust this inner voice that was coming through me. I've awakened a multidimensional awareness and a deep sense of knowing that had previously been asleep inside me.I created this Podcast to offer a new perspective for those going through a spiritual awakening. My focus will be to help to move past the distractions of the physical world and move into your core where your soul resides. Future episodes will cover topics such as:- My spiritual awakening experience including events and triggers that lead up to my awakening- What is the true nature of reality- We all have spirit guides. Learn how to contact your guide(s).- Do we ever really lose someone when they die? Can we communicate with them after death? - Are ETs real? - What is all this talk about dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D) and all this multidimensional stuff?- What does Ascension mean and what is the process really like?- How you can learn to work with energy and expand your awareness. - What is your life's purpose and how you can begin to discover it.- How to heal from past traumas so you can expand your consciousness. Reality goes far beyond our five senses. Subscribe to the Cosmic Light Body Podcast and begin your journey towards profound self-discovery. Visit my website for more great content!


June 17, 2024 β€’ 15 mins

Conversation is increasing surrounding the topic of extraterrestrial disclosure this year.Β  Join me as I discuss disclosure and ETs from the perspective of humans and from the multidimensional perspective of the Galactic Federation.Β  Learn what extraterrestrial disclosure refers to, and how you as a lightworker can assist in preparing the collective for disclosure. Expand your consciousness and join the conversation on how we can c...

Mark as Played

When I was young I would imagine (like many of you), that I could communicate with animals. During my spiritual awakening journey, however, I discovered that it was much more than imagination! Β 

Join me as I share my incredible journey of connecting with a horse and the profound lessons I learned along the way. Discover how you too can tap into this unique form of communication with animals and deepen your bond with nature...

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In this solstice energy update, I discuss this importance of becoming and remaining aware of what is going on in your reality.Β  The solstice is a gateway to very expansive, healing energy. I share some experiences I have had as this powerful energy ramps up.Β  What will you perceive in your reality during this summer solstice? Β 

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Discover how you can finally get unstuck and transform your life HERE!

πŸ’š Download my FREE...

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Ascension symptoms are a huge part of the spiritual awakening process.Β  But why do we need to experience ascension symptoms?Β  In this episode, I explain what your ascension symptoms are really showing you and why they are a necessary part of your spiritual journey.Β  You will learn the importance of recognizing and taking control of what is happening within your body. Join me as I share tips and methods you can apply to work through...

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If you struggle in connecting with your spirit guides and higher self, you may simply be complicating the process.Β  Join me as I share what you need to do to communicate with your spirit guides, your higher self, and other multidimensional beings.Β  You will learn what you may be doing subconsciously that is preventing you from the contact you are seeking.Β  You have the power within you to take the crucial first step and open to the...

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In this energy update I discuss the powerful energy we are currently receiving and the ascension symptoms associated with this event. Discover how the Schumann Resonance, X-class solar flares, and other celestial events are amplifying the vibrational frequencies around us. Β 

It is important at this time to recognize what is coming forward for you to heal energetically, and to learn how to manage the ascension symptoms that...

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Are you ready to awaken your higher self and discover the truth of who you are?Β  Join me in this episode as I dive into a discussion on the human experience and the quest to remember our higher self.Β  I explain why we experience earthly amnesia and the steps you can take to realign with your higher self and awaken to the fact that you are a multidimensional being.Β  I offer practical tips you can use to remember and reconnect with t...

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May 23, 2024 β€’ 11 mins

Join me as I share how I handle negative entities and their impact on spiritual awakening. Discover how to navigate the fear response when encountering shadow beings, and explore the true nature of these entities. Are they genuinely malevolent, or is there more to understand about the presence of β€œnegative” entities? Tune in for insightful strategies on how to protect yourself and shift your perspective when faced with lower vibrat...

Mark as Played
May 20, 2024 β€’ 13 mins

When you are on the journey of spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to get into spiritual alignment.Β  In this episode I share how I get into alignment and how I have learned to maintain this vibration in my daily life.Β  Learn how you can shift your mindset and build the circuitry within your body to align with a new you.Β  With commitment and practice you will begin to connect with your higher self and manifest a life you desire...

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May 16, 2024 β€’ 11 mins

Along your ascension journey you will begin to recognize what happens when your ego controls you.Β  Discover the profound impact of the ego on your well-being in this enlightening episode. Learn how the protective personality, or ego, can drain your energy and influence your physical and emotional states. I'll guide you through practical strategies to reprogram your ego, transforming it from a dominating force into a supportive...

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If you are struggling with how to manifest the new you, this episode is for you.Β  The spiritual healing journey is hard.Β  How many times have you asked yourself β€œThis isn’t working! Why is it taking so long?”.Β  In this episode, I share with you what I wish I knew when I started my spiritual awakening journey.Β  Learn to recognize the subtle signs of your spiritual growth, and how to make the ascension process less frustrating. With ...

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In this energy update I discuss the high frequency light we are experiencing as a result of current X-class solar flares, and how this will pave the way for major consciousness expansion and personal upgrades. Β 

Join me as I explore how the influx of light is illuminating the dense shadows within us, bringing them to the surface for release. I'll share practical strategies for managing your expanding consciousness and...

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Perfectionism holds us back and stops us from living our best life!Β  In this episode, I explain why striving for perfection is limiting, and detrimental to discovering your life purpose.Β  I share some personal examples of what your mind will do to prevent your consciousness from expanding, as well as how to overcome the perfectionist mindset.Β  Learn how to shift your limiting beliefs into a growth oriented mindset and watch abundan...

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Do you feel stuck in life and frustrated that you can’t seem to move forward?Β  When you learn the #1 reason that you don't feel motivated or can't manifest your life purpose, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get unstuck.Β  In this episode, I discuss the importance of getting centered and aligned, and the profound effect this has on your energy field and aura.Β  I share some techniques and tools designed to help you...

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The challenge of birthing new earth is not easy, but you came here for exactly this purpose.Β  In this episode, I discuss the healing journey that you and I have chosen and what makes it more or less difficult for each of us.Β  We are here to break through an old matrix and bring forward new earth. Learn what you can do to make this ascension process a bit easier and very exciting.Β  I am so proud of the courage you show taking on thi...

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Call back your energy and power, and watch your life transform!Β  In this episode, I explain how your higher self is guiding your spiritual healing journey in a way that may feel uncomfortable. I discuss why certain aspects of your past may resurface with an unexpected intensity.Β 
You'll learn the essential practice of accepting and integrating all parts of yourself, leading to a more harmonious and empowered existenc...

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If you are finding this spiritual journey difficult to navigate, I want to share with you what happens when you just let go and allow the magic to flow.Β  In this episode, I explain my personal post-eclipse experience and the profound message received from my spirit guide.

Discover how connecting with your higher self can lead to unexpected and inspiring results, and find out what can happen when you truly let go and allow ...

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April 18, 2024 β€’ 10 mins

Embracing the shift to new earth can feel very surreal. It's not uncommon to encounter unfamiliar feelings and a sense of discomfort as our realities transform. Join me as I explore these changes and learn how to not only understand but also embrace the uncomfortable feelings that come with these reality shifts.

I discuss strategies to navigate through these timeline shifts, providing you with practical advice and emo...

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Would you like to stop your thoughts from controlling your life? In my latest episode, I uncover the psychological patterns that lead to a reality shaped by overthinking. Learn what's happening in your mind and how it's creating an existence that may not align with your desires. I'll share actionable strategies to help you gain control over your thoughts, allowing you to shift your reality to one in alignment with yo...

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April 11, 2024 β€’ 6 mins

Discover your power to heal yourself in this thought provoking episode where I explore the profound capabilities of self-healing. I share my personal experience with requesting Arcturian healing and the profound result that manifested from that request. You will gain a new, multidimensional perspective on ascension symptoms or ascension flu. Β 

This episode is a reminder of your multidimensional nature and the immense stren...

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