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December 21, 2022 56 mins
"Good luck with that." Nick Ferguson vividly remembers hearing that when he was trying to catch on at Georgia Tech after playing at Division II Morris Brown College. He not only made the Yellow Jacket's team, he also made it to the NFL. Like college, Nick made the next level transition the hard way: as an undrafted free agent. Impressively, he stayed in football between the NFL and CFL for 14 seasons. Most of Nick's career was spent with the Denver Broncos where he started 44 games at safety for Denver’s D and picked off their opposing quarterbacks six times.

In retirement he tried his hand at coaching which he enjoyed, however he relishes working in the media in both radio and TV. Nick is fueled by a drive that has him and his contagious energy moving forward at all times.

Hosted by Susie Wargin
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