Dekahedron RPG Podcast

Dekahedron RPG Podcast

Dekahedron is a bite-sized podcast featuring Joe, an old referee discussing tabletop RPGs. Dive into topics ranging from classic OSR/D&D gameplay to modern systems like FATE. Join the conversation by - Email (text or attach an audio file): email - Phone (call or text): 562-RPG-CAST (562-774-2278) - Web: or Cover art logo by DesignKat. Music by Kevin MacLeod.


February 20, 2024 31 mins

Joe offers a quick update, shares his frustration with the Traveller game, and answers feedback.


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Mark as Played

Valerie returns to join Joe as the answer the feedback from Episode 109 and talk about the movies and television that they watched in January.


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Mark as Played
February 6, 2024 20 mins

In this bonus episode, Joe steps away from our usual gaming fare to recount the events of an unforgettable Saturday night—February 4, 1984. Join us as Joe shares a gripping tale from his past, recorded exactly 40 years later.

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Mark as Played
January 30, 2024 31 mins

Joe is joined by special guest James. Together, they describe the thief characters that were created using point buy systems, a character creation method that allows more customization and flexibility than rolling dice. This is a follow-up to episode 106, where they discussed the pros and cons of this system. Plus, they answer some feedback from Jason and Mirke the Meek, who shared their thoughts on the previous episode.


Mark as Played

Joe opens the show with a small tribute to mark the passing of gaming legend Jennell Jaquays.

After that he is joined by Daniel from The Bandit's Keep podcast and YouTube channel. Daniel creates a Tunnels & Trolls character that will be used in an upcoming show.

Finally, Joe answers feedback from Jason of the Nerd's RPG Variety Cast.

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Mark as Played
January 17, 2024 29 mins

Joe shows you how to spice up your D&D games with some exotic creatures from the Traveller universe. Using the Animal Encounters tables from classic Traveller's Book 3, he randomly generates an alien animal and then converts it to a D&D monster stat block. What kind of beast will he end up with? How will it fit into your campaign world? Tune in and find out!

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Mark as Played
January 10, 2024 35 mins

Joe talks about the plans for the podcast in 2024 and answers feedback from:

Also mentioned:

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Mark as Played

Joe and Valerie briefly reflect of each of the movies that the saw in the theater in 2023. This is a bonus episode, so there's no gaming content.

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Mark as Played

Joe is joined by Daniel of the Bandit's Keep podcast to discuss the rules for the Shirts & Skirts Star Trek-inspired RPG.


Daniel is the host of the Bandit's Keep podcast as well as the Bandit's Keep YouTube channel. he also has products available at DriveThruRPG.

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Mark as Played
December 23, 2023 2 mins

Merry Christmas

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Mark as Played
December 19, 2023 47 mins

In this episode Joe is joined by Daniel from The Bandit's Keep. The list to callers' entries as everyone tries to guess with the Shirts & Skirts RPG is about:

00:00 Introduction

04:20 The call-in entries.

28:50 The reveal.

41:57 The give-away.

45:22 Outro.

The Callers' Podcasts & Sites:

Mark as Played

In this episode Joe is joined by James and they discuss the relative advantages of random and point buy character creation methods in RPG's.

Joe's blog: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

The P.L.A.Y. Forums: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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Mark as Played

In this episode Joe talks about how Advantages & Disadvantages work in his homebrew ruleset, Lucky 7. He also takes calls from Daniel, Evil Jeff, and Michael/Mirke the Meek.

The Callers' Podcasts:

Mark as Played

Two new callers! Riley from Australia, and Michael from upstate New York!

The Callers' Podcasts:

Joe's blog: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

The P.L.A.Y. Forums: ⁠⁠⁠http:...

Mark as Played
November 21, 2023 44 mins

Join Joe and special guest Jason from the Nerd's RPG Variety Cast in this episode as they dive into a review of 'Tunnel Quest,' a free and rules-light fantasy RPG. Uncover the unique aspects, mechanics, and overall impressions of this intriguing game. Whether you're a seasoned RPG enthusiast or a newcomer, this review offers insights that will spark your curiosity. Tune in for an engaging discussion about 'Tunne...

Mark as Played
November 14, 2023 63 mins

In this episode:

00:00 Introduction

00:22 The next give-away: Shirts & Skirts

04:47 Jason likes Paladins & Rangers

15:07 Daniel is on the fence with Paladins & Rangers

22:12 Jason ponders about Magical Thieves

25:55 Daniel gives his initial thoughts about Magical Thieves

32:44 Daniel calls back to talk to himself about Magical Thieves

38:50 Jason worries about Munchkins & point-buy disadvantages

43:27 Daniel is aggr...

Mark as Played

In this episode:

00:00 Introduction

01:03 Joe's vacation...

01:52 ... Discovery Cove

02:02 ... Medieval Times

03:21 ... Bunratty Castle

04:20 ... Wizard of Oz museum

02:01 ...and so does Daniel

06:35 Recent movies

08:15 Jason complains about the way I ordered attributes

10:07 This we should roll to enter a class

13:23 Thinks 1st levels should be immune to banes

17:38 Evil Jeff talks like a member of the AV Club

20:45 JoCool wri...

Mark as Played
October 31, 2023 48 mins

Welcome to the 100th Episode of the Dekahedron RPG Cast! Join Joe, James, and special guest Mike the ChgoWiz from the Dungeon Masters Handbook podcast for a celebration of this milestone.

In this special episode, the team delves into the intriguing topic of 'munchkin players,' discussing their characteristics and quirks. Following this, they dive into the results of the 'Is James a Munchkin' contest, revealing the a...

Mark as Played
October 25, 2023 18 mins

Joe concludes OSR October with a groundbreaking twist: re-imagining the thief as a subclass of the Magic User! Join us for this grand finale as we re-tool the very essence of the thief class in classic RPG systems.

Joe's innovative approach will leave you spellbound, making it a perfect fit for OD&D, Holmes, B/X, BECMI, and your favorite retro-clones. Discover how the magical thief seamlessly combines the arts of stealth an...

Mark as Played

In this third installment of OSR October, Joe reinvents Rangers and Paladins using a minimalist approach. These "new" classes are ready for OD&D, Holmes, B/X, BECMI, and all your favorite retro-clones. Join us as we explore these classic character classes in a whole new light.

Joe's streamlined system accommodates either humans or as the "race as class" concept for these two fighter variants.

Joe's ...

Mark as Played

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