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April 2, 2024 23 mins

In this episode we explore the recent developments in Generative AI and the 4E Model of AI Mastery: Entertainment, Education, Efficiency, and Effectiveness. We discuss Microsoft's acquisition of Inflection's Pi chatbot, the monetization concerns surrounding AI systems, and the strategies employed by big tech companies like Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Adobe in the AI space.
We also ‘delve into’ AI's impact on academia and how it is changing the way we use language, as evidenced by Professor Nicolai J. Foss  analysis of word frequency changes in social media due to GPT. We highlight the growing popularity of smaller AI models and their performance improvements, such as Gemini Nano's integration in Samsung S24 for real-time language translation.
The episode also covers the potential of Gen AI in media, with tools like Sora and Pico, and their impact on advertising, training videos, and the media industry. We discuss the advancements in voice generation, including ‘Eleven Labs' work in text-to-voice and voice-to-voice generation, and its various applications.
Moving from the entertainment phase to education in AI mastery, we introduce Ethan Mollick's book "Co-Intelligence" and the importance of understanding AI tools as collaborators and partners. We also address the shift in academia from research to application and the need for educational institutions to evolve.
Finally, we explore AI's impact on the job market, the rapid changes in skill requirements, and the importance of staying ahead by moving towards efficiency and effectiveness in AI mastery.
Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI and learn how to harness its potential for digital value creation.

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