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June 12, 2024 26 mins

In this episode, we discuss the latest trends and insights in the AI space based on our recent experiences at various tech events. We start by sharing a fascinating Taiwanese tradition of using Kuai Kuai chips to ensure smooth operation of electronics. The conversation then moves to the impact of AI on corporate strategy, the shift towards smaller, more efficient AI models, and the current state of generative AI adoption in companies.

We emphasize the growing importance of AI skills for job seekers and discuss how AI can be leveraged to upskill and accelerate impact. We also explore the rise of lightweight AI models and their significance in making AI more accessible globally. The challenges of trusting AI systems, including interpretability and tolerance for mistakes, are discussed, along with suggestions for creating a trusted AI workflow.

The video concludes with a unique Kuai Kuai song composed using AI tools, showcasing the creative possibilities enabled by artificial intelligence.

Chapter Headings: 

00:00 - Introduction: AI Trends and Kuai Kuai Chips 

00:35 - Kuai Kuai Chips: A Taiwanese Tradition for Smooth Tech Operation 

03:19 - World Economic Forum: AI's Impact on Corporate Strategy 

05:30 - Microsoft Build: Focus Shifts to Smaller, More Efficient AI Models 

07:30 - Generative AI Adoption: Experimentation vs. Scaling 

11:18 - The Importance of AI Skills for Job Seekers 

14:00 - Upskill and Accelerate Impact - You can not be satisfied with ‘average’

16:55 - AI on the Edge - Democratize access, lower energy cost, reduce environmental impact  

19:18 - Challenges in Trusting AI: How to select ‘fault tolerant’ use cases and improve guardrails 

24:40 - Conclusion and Kuai Kuai Song

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