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March 18, 2024 18 mins
  • This episode focuses on the insights gained from the inaugural Wharton Gen AI for Business Transformation course. We discuss a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, which found that consultants with access to GPT-4 outperformed those without AI by 40% in terms of quality and efficiency. The study also revealed that AI serves as a performance leveler, enabling even the worst performers to match the performance of top consultants without AI. This finding has implications for talent sourcing and global competition.
  • The episode also touches on the stages of AI adoption, referred to as the "4Es": entertainment, education, efficiency, and effectiveness. We emphasize the importance of moving beyond personal efficiency gains and focusing on driving business outcomes. The biggest challenge in scaling AI adoption is explainability, as the inherent creativity and randomness of AI models can lead to trust issues. We suggest adopting a portfolio approach, engaging teams in experimentation and education, and identifying one or two projects where AI can disrupt or replace major elements of the end-to-end process. The conversation concludes with a preview of future topics, such as AI agents and the move from content to action.

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