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E-Commerce Uncomplicated

The E-Commerce Uncomplicated Podcast breaks down all the aspects of running a successful e-commerce business into simple, actionable steps, delivered in easy-to-follow, bite-sized podcasts.


June 25, 2023 1 min

Hello Gorgeous!

Have you been missing your weekly episodes of E-Commerce Uncomplicated?

Well, today is your lucky day because we have just launched my new podcast SHE-talks E-commerce.

It's a little different to this podcast (and any other podcast you've listened to) because not only am I interviewing REALLY successful E-commerce brand owners BUT I'm asking them the questions you ACTUALLY...

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Welcome to the last episode for this season of the E-commerce Uncomplicated podcasts. 

Before we go on our break for the year, Lisa is leaving you with a gift filled with golden nuggets that she got from her inaugural SHE-com LIVE event. 

Many inspiring women in business attended the conference,  sharing their personal experiences on how they built awe-worthy e-commerce empires, becoming examples for other women i...

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Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran she-compreneur, you know that selling products is the goal of any business. Well, how to do that is what the real struggle is!

In this episode of E-commerce Uncomplicated get ready to nibble on some golden nuggets that are sure to get you started on the right path to a successful business.

Join Lisa as she interviews Rachael Ferguson, CEO of Australian footcare company Synx...

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In today’s podcast Lisa, along with one of her favourite clients - Ariel Blackman, founder of Bliss Birth - sits down and talks about running a business, and highlights how mental load is a major issue faced by she-compreneurs. 

Through their years of personal experience, they share ways they have found to be effective in balancing the mental load that they face to ensure they have the space to be creative and explore innovative bus...

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Once you have started your business, what is the most important thing that you need to do? The answer is simple: scale, scale, and SCALE!

There are many ways that one can go about scaling and increasing business opportunities for their brands. The process varies from brand to brand but there are some hot tips that you can use to guide yourself through the process. In today’s episode of E-commerce Uncomplicated, Lisa sits down with L...

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It’s the time of year where we all start to feel super duper exhausted.

Lisa has a theory called the Mummy Juggle Struggle where we are so busy trying to be mums, wives, partners, employees, business owners, bosses, girlfriends and friends. It’s real and it’s a problem because it can be exhausting, relentless and will definitely wear you down over time.

Today’s podcast is a reminder that you are not alone in the Mummy Juggle Struggle...

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Some of the best and most successful business ideas are born out of those small moments of eureka you feel solving everyday problems in your daily life.

In today’s episode of E-commerce Uncomplicated, Lisa sat down with an accomplished she-com-preneur, Cinzia Cozzolino - owner of The Smoothie Bombs - who is a perfect example of this. They discuss how the road to finding a way to give nutritional meals to a fussy eater led...

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In today’s episode, Lisa has a special guest - Mel Haque, founder of Wild Dough. In this episode. Mel shares her journey starting her own eCommerce business and the struggles (and triumphs) that came with it. 

Wild Dough is made for little hands. It’s easier to manipulate and lasts longer than other play-doughs in the market today.  Mel initially created it for her children but after seeing how it became a product mums could use to ...

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In today's episode, Lisa talks about email marketing - an aspect of ecommerce that too many business owners neglect, or approach half-heartedly! This episode reminds you to look deeper into your email marketing to see where you're leaving money on the table. 

Lisa talks about storytelling and what percentage of sales you should expect to generate with your EDM campaigns. She talks through how email marketing is a cost-effe...

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In this week's episode, Lisa talks about a website’s conversion rate and how important it is for growing your business.  The inspiration behind this week's episode came from a  client Lisa has been working with who is doing well with her brand and has good photos and great branding...but has a fairly low website conversion rate which means she's losing out on sales.

To get to the bottom of this, Lisa wanted...

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In this episode of E-Commerce Uncomplicated, Lisa sits down with her social media manager, Zara, to break down social media marketing strategies for brands and unveil their tried and tested examples for product-based e-commerce brands - including the organic strategy that grew her instagram to over 40k in just a few weeks.

Let's dive in!

Resources mentioned:

Aussie Man Hands @aussiemanhands

Connect wi...

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August 14, 2022 16 mins

With the commercialisation of more traditional social media like Facebook and Instagram, users are looking toward more authentic platforms for entertainment...enter TikTok!

As a powerful platform for short-form videos, TikTok holds huge potential for e-commerce brands to extend their reach, build their social presence and capture new audiences.

In this episode, Lisa discusses some ideas you can use to leverage Tik...

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August 7, 2022 22 mins

Trade shows & expos can be fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs wherever you are in the world, and in whatever industry you are in.  If you have a product brand and are looking to sell more wholesale, trade shows are one of the fastest ways to do this!

In today’s episode, Lisa talks about her experience at the recent Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne, where she attended at a stand for one of her brands, and was also a keynote spe...

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Women trying to build an empire or a brand often get stuck every day due to putting the responsibility of every process on their shoulders. In this episode, we take a look at how exactly to combat that and scale your business with simple business management and development strategies.

Connect with Lisa:

Website: https://lisajones.co/ 

Instagram: @lisajones_co

Free Facebook Group: Uncomplicated E-commerce for Women!!

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Here we are with another episode of E-Commerce Uncomplicated. Today, Lisa talks about the five biggest regrets she hears from clients when launching their E-commerce brands. It’s a topic that everyone in e-commerce can relate to. 

Let’s dive in! 

Connect with Lisa:

Website: https://lisajones.co/ 

Instagram: @lisajones_co

Free Facebook Group: Uncomplicated E-commerce for Women!!

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We’re here with another episode of E-Commerce Uncomplicated. In this episode, Lisa talks about authority and how critical it is to grow your business. She also dives into the psychology of selling and how our brain processes information on every website we visit. 


Resource/s mentioned: Klaviyo | Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Automation Platform 

Vanessa Megan https://www.vanessamegan.com/

Aussie Man Hands https://aussie...

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In this episode, Lisa discusses the transformational sell - how to determine what your customers want from your brand, and how you can provide it for them. 

In the past, retailers sold their products based on features and benefits. However, with the way people purchase today, we need to change up this strategy. 

Bricks and mortar stores can sell their products by appealing to peoples' five senses, but that's not the case fo...

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Join us in this episode of E-commerce Uncomplicated where Lisa discusses a few strategies you can use to get yourself off the mousewheel - that is, help clear away the exhaustion and fatigue so many women in business face when there’s too much on the to-do list. 

Feelings of overwhelm are nothing new for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space, especially for women and mothers who are juggling the demands of their business along with ...

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Many women I speak to with e-commerce brands have ended up in their business somewhat accidentally - it might’ve been something that came about after having kids and wanting to spend time at home with them, or it could’ve come about as your 9-5 job changed or ended.   

And while we aren't accidental when we create our products and sell them online, we become accidental with the strategies we take. This can lead to us taking man...

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Did you know around 30% of your revenue should be generated via email marketing? If your emails aren’t generating sales for your business, you’re missing out - big time! In fact, without a solid email marketing strategy, it will be difficult for your business to grow and reach its full potential. 

Email marketing holds everything together. It’s how you connect with your audience, nurture them, and allow them to trust in you and your...

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