Earley AI Podcast

Earley AI Podcast

In this podcast hosts Seth Earley & Chris Featherstone invite a broad array of thought leaders and practitioners to talk about what's possible in artificial intelligence as well as what is practical in the space as we move toward a world where AI is embedded in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. They explore what's emerging in technology, data science, and enterprise applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning and how to get from early stage AI projects to fully mature applications.Seth is founder & CEO of Earley Information Science and the award winning author of "The AI Powered Enterprise." Chris is a technology executive and strategist interested in how AI and Machine Learning will enable next generation customer and workforce engagement..


September 1, 2022 56 min

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Scott Taylor, the "Data Whisperer" about telling stories about data management.

2:00 Data Whisperer origin story
9:30 Translating complex dry material into a story that resonates
11:30 Why master data is the most important data and how to help execs understand it
18:15 Bad data + AI = AS (Artificial Stupidity)
22:30 Every system demos perfectly
26:25 Don't say "...

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In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Henrik Hahn about driving innovation and change in his role as Chief Digital Offer at global chemical specialty giant, Evonik.


12:30 Organizational change and culture science
14:30 Augmented intelligence vs artificial intelligence
20:00 On deciding where to start
29:00 Using data to measure success
39:00 Organizational design
44:00 Dealing with information gatekeepers
48:30 What kinds o...

Mark as Played

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Jim Iyoob about using data and AI to deliver customer experience that matters.

2:25: Our celebrity guest…Named top 20 influential people to follow on twitter and who has been inducted into the CX Hall Of Fame
8:10: Adding value & being a great person….Let’s look at the customer experience through the customer’s lens
17:10: AI as a plug and play solution….myth or reality?

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In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Tom Davenport, author of The AI Advantage How to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work.

4:40 On getting started in this space

7:47  What is most important today for organizations that are trying to operationalize AI 

16:05 How organizations are doing in the human collaboration space and knowledge space

21:26  What is slowing organizations down…is it infrastructure or understanding?...

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In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Michael Schrage, Fellow at MIT Sloan School's Center for Digital Business and author of the book, "Recommendation Engines."


3:44: checkered past
12:50: covering the overwhelming nature of technology
15:50: why do people make decisions
18:21: Perfect choice-what are the right choice architectures?
24:25 Recommendation engines: The hand you're delt - how the bluff mat...

Mark as Played

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Stephanie Lemieux, President of Dovecot Studio about the nuts and bolts of taxonomy and information architecture.


1:42 - Stephanie Lemieux background & Relationship with IA & Taxonomy

7:30 - Complexities & Foundational Problems

15:05 - Graph data and knowledge graphing

22:15 - Dynamic roles within an organization

37:27 - Leveraging weak signals and solutions

48:48 -What'...

Mark as Played

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Jeff Coyle about how AI is impacting content strategy.


2:55 - Craft beer - on winning the award for a Mexican lager
10:00 - Jeff's path to a passion for SEO
14:30 - On using data to decide what to write about
20:00 - What does Google think you think is important on your site?
25:00 - Publishing low quality content is like a time bomb
36:00 - Existential risk of not using data to dr...

Mark as Played

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Mark Anderson about the new field of pattern discovery and its impact on AI.

11:45 Path to pattern discovery
17:15 Eliminating the  hypothesis and focus on the data with a Y value
30:00 Solving the most challenging problems with pattern discovery
40:00 Making sure this technology is only used for good
42:15 Identifying a COVID test that is 98% effective within minutes
44:30 Pattern rec...

Mark as Played

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Tim Huckaby about the his experience as a software developer in the 90s and his take on the future of AI and computer vision.


4:30 Developing software at Microsoft in the 90s
11:00 Hollywood stories
14:30 Leaving Microsoft and building an app dev firm
17:00 Building CNN's "Magic Wall"
22:30 Predictions gone wrong and right
29:00 Pace of change in ML - quantum computing

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In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Sean Martin about the development and practical applications of knowledge graphs.


5:30 – First online sports scoring website launched
9:00 – First forays into semantics applications
13:00 – Getting through scaling issues
16:30 – On needing to build the entire stack for knowledge graphs 
18:00 – The business problems that Cambridge Semantics solves
24:45 – Dealing with and making sense ...

Mark as Played
February 11, 2022 55 min

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Paul Zhao about making AI more accessible for everyone.


5:00 on being a tech entrepreneur
30:00 after the buy out challenges - what now?
39:00 advice to the non-technical on gaining business value with AI/ML
50:00 on build vs buy 

Contact Paul:

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/ppzhao/
  • Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Earley Information Science
  • CMSWire
  • Marketing AI Institute
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    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Paul Lasserre about his experience developing applied AI applications. 

    4:15 Link between AI and chasing pirates in the Navy
    7:00 On getting into customer experience as a ML problem
    10:00 On the challenges of internally selling new ideas
    15:00 On measuring success
    18:30 On rules vs machine learning
    26:30 Creating a better customer experience
    28:00 On leaving Genesys and moving to AWS

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Henrik de Gyor about his research on synthetic media.

    11:15 Defining synthetic media
    13:30 Rights management
    19:14 Nefarious applications
    21:30 Provenance  & Ethics
    37:00 Applications and tools today
    48:30 Future applications


    Book: Synthetic Media: The Next Reality

    Podcast: Synthetic Media

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Linda Andersson, Founder & CEO of Artificial Researcher about AI powered semantic search.

    5:00 - Linda's journey to her work
    14:20 - Domain knowledge and ontologies
    17:07 - Knowledge extraction
    20:05 - Why we need ontologies
    20:50 - Bias and not knowing what you don't know
    25:40 - Structuring and curating the knowledge base
    30:00 - Supervised vs semi-supervised models
    38:15 -...

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Adam Sutherland about AI and machine learning in media and content.

    2:20 Adam talks his journey from Asian studies to Amazon.
    12:00 A day in Adam's life and cool problems customers are solving
    17:30 Why we still can't find what we want on streaming services
    21:00 Biggest barrier to entry to AI enhanced solutions
    24:00 Best practices for tagging media assets
    25:00 When developin...

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Massood Zarrabian, CEO at BA Insight about how enterprise search is evolving - getting better (bringing greater value) and costing less.

    Congratulations to BA Insight on receiving the KMWorld 2021 Readers' Choice Award - Best Enterprise Search!

    1:15 Massood's road from a Civil Engineering degree from MIT to BA Insight.
    5:00 Massood's philosophy on growing teams and compa...

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute, about how out-of-the-box AI is providing immediate value to businesses of all types. 

    4:04 Mike's day to day & background
    11:30 Use cases & Planning
    28:02 Ethics  & Bias
    36:45 Where do you start with AI in marketing?
    40:00 Differentiation vs Standardization
    43:30 Barriers to entry
    47:35 Humans in the AI loop


    Mark as Played

    Many companies are turning to chatbots and virtual assistants to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency. In the past text and voice channels were distinct. Now, tools and technologies are emerging to support omnichannel virtual assistants that seamlessly blend text and voice. However, voice and text interactions are quite different and have specialized design requirements. 

    In this episode, Chris and Seth ta...

    Mark as Played

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