Inspired by first-time motherhood, Enlightenedhood ignites the conversation about high-vibe motherhood and what it takes to care for our mind, body, and soul while caring for our children. We chat about all things motherhood, mindset, spirituality, powers of the universe, and living a life of abundance and passion. Get to know amazing mothers who are making the world a better place, living as the best versions of themselves, all while raising little humans.... Show More

Do you have an innate pull to bring light and positivity to others? You may be a lightworker!

On the first episode of season 2, meet Amy Sikarskie.

Amy Sikarskie is an international energy therapist, intuitive channel, and past life hypnotherapist. She's the founder of Instagram's Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe and co-founder of Spirit School.

Using all of her clairgifts, Amy works with inter-dimensional beings including the Archangel realm and The Council of Light to assist clients in their healing and awakening process. For more information or to book an appointment with Amy, visit AmySikarskie.com.

Amy shares what her spiritual journey looked like as a young mother and how Reiki played a huge role in her awakening as she reconnected with her guides.

She shares everything you need to know about Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth angels, the difference between them, and how to tell if you are one, here to lift and shift the frequency on earth.

If you're feeling stressed about getting to know your spirit guides, Amy shares why you may be overthinking it and how to truly feel connected with your team of guides and recognize their presence.

As spiritual mothers staying balanced and aligned while spinning in the chaos can be difficult, and Amy shares what we can do to keep us tuned in and even some things we can do with our kids. If you have a child who is an older soul, Amy shares her experience with her daughter and how we can nurture instances when their soul doesn't align with childhood.

Meditation Resources

Light Body Clearing & Activation Meditation

Aura & Chakra Clearing, Healing, Balancing, and Strengthening Meditation

Amy's Books

Star-Seeded Ascensions: Messages From The Councils (Volume 1)

Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed (Volume 2)

The 7 Personal Chakras: A Reference Guide

Amy's Mt. Shasta Retreat

Join Amy Sikarskie & Dharma Love in Mt. Shasta California. Experience the magical energy of the land under the strawberry full moon, connect with your inner Goddess, relax, heal, and reset in this powerful group experience. Learn more here.

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