ENOUGH! Stopping the Mental Health Stigma.

ENOUGH! Stopping the Mental Health Stigma.

Join a group of community members, non-profits, subject matter experts, and educators as we tackle mental health stigma. When you have a cold, you lead every conversation with "I have a cold." Yet 22% of adults experienced depressive symptoms last week, and nobody is talking. Join us to uncover why, and more importantly: What can we do about it? We have had enough.


December 13, 2023 41 mins

This episode features Amy and David as they share their family's story of overcoming addiction. Amy discusses her struggle with alcoholism and the events that led her to seek treatment. David shares what it was like supporting Amy through her recovery journey and how it has impacted their family.

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On this episode of the Enough podcast, the hosts delve into addiction and its various aspects. They discuss the overlap between addiction and mental health issues, as well as the different types of addictions people can experience. The episode highlights the role of coaches and teachers in addressing addiction among students and emphasizes the importance of open conversations with children about these topics. The hosts also touch u...

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On this episode of the Enough Podcast, Tori, Tonya, and guest Beth aim to break the mental health stigma. Beth shares her heartbreaking personal story of her son Zach's battle with addiction. From his promising high school years to the devastating impact of addiction on his life and family, Beth courageously sheds light on the challenges faced by families dealing with addiction and the importance of open conversations and unde...

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In this episode we wrap up this season of discussions on mental health, suicide awareness, and breaking the stigma surrounding these topics. Our panel share their personal experiences, discuss the impact of their conversations, and emphasize the importance of healing and finding hope through acts of kindness and community support. The segments highlight the power of sharing stories and the collaborative effort to raise awareness an...

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On this Episode the team sits down with Stephanie. When Stephanie lost her brother to suicide in high school, her life changed forever. Join us to hear a sibling’s perspective and how she’s learned to deal with her own mental health struggles. 

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On this episode the gang interviews Matt Triplet, head coach of St. Francis DeSales Lacrosse team. Matt is spearheading the effort to push through a piece of legislature that is near and dear to all our hearts. Tune in to hear about the bill and how coaches can make a difference!


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February 7, 2023 26 mins

On this episode we interview David Arellano. David is the treasurer of the 988 Initiative and father to Lauren, who we have interviewed previously. Davd’s background in coaching and experiences with Lauren have made him an expert on having hard conversations. Tune in as David explains how patience is the secret to effective communication with those that are struggling, and the plans he has for the 988 Initiative. 

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January 18, 2023 26 mins

On this episode we interview Jake Hertzman, founder of the 988 Initiative. Jake is an interesting guy. He’s a movie star, a college student, and likely future president of the United States. Jake lost his cousin to suicide in 2020 and since that day it’s been Jake’s mission to spread awareness for the newly created 988 mental health hotline and to help people become more comfortable with speaking up about their mental health strugg...

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December 12, 2022 31 mins

On the surface Lauren appears to be your average Senior at Loveland High. She’s outgoing, bubbly, carefree, and seems filled with hope for the future. Like many of her peers, she spends most of her time thinking about school, boys, volleyball, and her part time barista gig. She’s your sister, your neighbor, that girl in your class.   

What you wouldn’t be able to immediately notice about Lauren is the emotional pain she’s dealt with...

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On this episode we have a heart-to-heart with Tonya Schaeffer. Tonya is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a practice, Hope Restored Counseling Services, right here in Loveland. Tonya spends most of her time in the trenches on the front line of the mental health epidemic. 

Today, however, she took a break from saving the world and was gracious enough to answer the questions we’ve always wanted to our shrinks. ...

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October 19, 2022 35 mins

Gina Marek lost her son Jake to suicide in February of 2016. While most of us can’t even begin to fathom the pain she felt, she has managed to make the world a brighter place because of it. 

Gina has personally helped more than 40 families through the grieving process by sending books that helped her through the experience and a heartwarming letter offering to meet for support. In doing so she has unintentionally created a grass-roo...

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October 3, 2022 14 mins

In the last episode, we heard Tori's story about losing her son Ben to suicide. Join us this week as we discuss COVID's impact on mental health, survival after tragedy, the impact of community, and the importance of asking for help when you need it.

If you want to support Tori and this podcast, consider donating to the Ben Morrison Foundation Here.

Next episode we'll be hearing from licensed counse...

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September 17, 2022 26 mins

For the first installment of ENOUGH! - we are honored to help Tori Morrison share her story with the world.

Tori lost her son, Ben, to suicide in March of 2021.  Those left behind after such a traumatic event are frequently racked with intense guilt and shame. Tori, however, decided she wasn't going to let these emotions control her. Covering up what happened or simply remaining silent was not an option for her.

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