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March 11, 2024 45 mins
You can also watch this podcast about a former Jehovah Witness leaving the cult behind on youtube.Have you ever found yourself wondering how religious cults work?  If so, you're going to love this episode.  My guest and I talk about his descent into a religious cult.  Did my guest start off believing the most outlandish stuff?Not at all.It was a gradual descent.Like any other conspiracy theorist / cultist, Terrance wasn't introduced into the most bizarre beliefs.Want to know a secret?You can't get someone to believe insane beliefs right off the bat.  Nope.  You have to get them to believe smaller, more plausible beliefs at first.  Sooner or later, you can get them to believe in more wild claims.It's a familiar story and it usually goes like this:Someone comes knocking on your door promising a better life.  But they don't have anything to sell.  At least not yet.So you give them a chance and decide to attend their church.  And guess what?  You fall in love with the structure.  Before long, you're swept up into their movement.What once started as a way to get structure and freedom...has sentenced you to a life of pain and turmoil.Your own personal hell. That's the bad news.  The good news?My guest spilled the beans on the sneaky persuasion tactic that lifted him out of the Jehovah Witnesses.  He credits this experience as the reason he's a former Jehovah Witness."So what is this sneaky persuasion tactic?"It's the "flying chicken" persuasion pattern.Can you guess what this is?Listen to the podcast to discover this little-known tactic.Now here's the kicker—that's not the only piece of valuable information in the podcast.  You'll also uncover valuable wisdom such as:CAUTION: The piece of clothing you should never wear if religious fanatics come knocking…it’ll practically invite them into your house (No, it’s not a necklace with a cross)  6:15“Are they on the spectrum?” How to tell if someone is in a high-control like a cult 12:39How to keep Mormons from knocking on your door (hint: ask them about this decades old scandal that rocked the church) 15:37Well known fact: Jehovah Witnesses can’t take blood transfusions.  Here’s a lesser known fact—a ton of Jehovah Witnesses are scooping up these specific medications 16:55Jehovah witness or Mormons barking up the wrong tree?  Hand them this piece of metal (it also works great to ward off sales people!) 21:36Discover the dark personality trait that some Noble Prize winning scientists have in common with conspiracy theorists 23:44The “flying chicken” persuasion pattern that broke Terrance out of the Jehovah Witnesses 32:21The sneaky “bounced beliefs” trick religious cults use to keep their members stuck…this works especially well if a cult member starts second guessing their faith 35:33How to use these dead people to talk to conspiracy theorist in a calm manner (it also works for religious fanatics) 44:53Why a cemetery is your best friend when dealing with conspiracy theorists 44:53Guest Bio & Links
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