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December 11, 2023 60 mins
Episode SummaryIn this episode, I talk to my guest about the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Sandy Hook conspiracy fear mongers, human trafficking, and more.Quotes We LovedMental health improving after leaving conspiracy theories: "The mental health improved so much And it didn't really start improving until that moment when I was leaving the conspiracy theories behind."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:10:18 → 00:10:32]Conspiracy theorists playing victim: "That is one of the things that conspiracy theorists lack...they feel so out of control. Nothing is in their control. They wanna control things."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:13:35 → 00:13:50]The dopamine rush from conspiracy theories: "Those conspiracy theories were kind of like a hit of ecstasy where they ran that dopamine into overdrive And it would leave you with this I don't know if anyone's ever had an ecstasy hangover. They are not fun. They are not fun."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:19:50 → 00:20:07]How to respond to conspiracy theorists on Social Media: "Push back firmly but politely. But if you have nothing to offer to the conversation and it doesn't affect you, Keep scrolling."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:25:54 → 00:26:40]On debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories: "I didn't start hearing some of the actual stories about 911 until 2 years ago."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:31:29 → 00:31:36]One being lied to by conspiracy theorists: "They all lied to me. Those assholes, they lied to me."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:35:37 → 00:35:41]Conspiracy Theories and Shame: "There was shame. Especially with Sandy Hook, when my friend looked me in the eye and said that they worked with a parent who lost their child there...20 years of friendship was hanging in the balance based on how I would react to that."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:35:49 → 00:36:32]Overcoming Conspiracy Theories: "I can't promise that you're gonna have a perfect life, but you're gonna have a better one."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:53:29 → 00:53:36]How to protect child being trafficked: "And if you wanna try and if you wanna try and play detective, there's a thing called NamUs."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:55:20 → 00:55:48]Guest Bio & LinksStephanie Kemmerer's
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