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April 23, 2024 45 mins
Watch this Podcast on Youtube about Charismatic cult leaders.Have you ever wondered what causes a person to go down conspiracy rabbit holes in the first place? If so, this will podcast will be the most important thing you listen to today."Why's that?" you ask with bated breath.Because I said so.  No seriously, you'll like it for a few reasons. My guest is fairly well known in the life coaching/personal development circles.As his wife pointed after she first met his family—"You've had to work really hard to be you."Reason for this?He was the outcast of his family because of his political beliefs.  Eventually he used some therapuetic techniques to transform his relationship with his father.Which went well until Trump came on the scene.In the podcast, Damon shares a simple exercise help you hit your goals.  These can be goals such as creating healthier boundaries with your loved one. This exercises uses your own personal vaules (freedom, security, safety, etc.) to help you get closer to these goals.You can download the free exercise from this link: are some of the things we discuss on the podcast:What do red cards have to do with predicting someone’s ability to get sucked into conspiracy theories? 5:33Discover why my guest is the black sheep of the family—despite being super successful 19:57Personal development is always a good thing, right? WRONG! Discover how personal development can go sideways 21:49A little-known “supplement” that conspiracy theorists chug by the gallon—this toxic material can permanently scar your skin 22:29Secret phrases cult leaders to use to brainwash people (This unique combination of words create a confused trancelike state in people) 24:10A common “emotion” that normally plagues teenagers…that’s now dragging adults into conspiracy theories 34:37You should always be honest with your loved ones, right? FALSE!  Discover how my guest got sucked into a rabbit hole by sharing his weaknesses 41:11Plus much more!Guest Bio & Links
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