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October 9, 2023 52 mins
Watch the hypnotic storytelling podcast on youtube Intro  In this podcast, I talk to my friend and colleague, James Hazlerig.  I wanted him as a guest to talk about the power of stories.  At the core of conspiracy theories are stories. Stories about how the world is being run and managed. From Trunk To Tale In the podcast, I mention to James about his infamous hypnotic elephant story.  If you want to experience the power of hypnotic storytelling to take your imagination away to a distant land, watch the video below. ​ Quotes We Loved​ The Power of Hypnotic Storytelling: "In my practice, I essentially consider that people come to me with a bad story, And I help them get a better story."— James Hazlerig [00:03:21] to [00:03:29] Rise of Religious Fundamentalism: "My eyes had been opened, I was awakened to a hidden layer of reality that I had not known existed."— James Hazlerig [00:07:39] to [00:07:45] The Influence of Religion on Identity: "I did essentially recognize that there were things at the basis of the fundamental Christian belief that I didn't agree with and that I didn't like."— James Hazlerig [00:09:07] to [00:09:14] Child trafficking misconceptions: "These are 16 and 17 year olds who are being trafficked by people that they know and probably refer to as their boyfriend or girlfriend, so they don't realize they're being trafficked a lot of times, and why would they?"— James Hazlerig [00:20:57] to [00:21:21] The Power of Compelling Stories: "Stories are compelling in a way that statistics are not."— James Hazlerig [00:24:12] to [00:24:15] The Power of Human Stupidity: "You cannot underestimate the power of human stupidity, and in most cases, yeah, it's possible that somebody does have it out for me, but it's more likely that they're just incompetent."— James Hazlerig [00:29:56] to [00:30:03] The pandemic shutdowns: "They were shutting down bars, which actually weren't as big a risk as choir practices, because at least people aren't singing as loudly in bars."— James Hazlerig [00:49:01] to [00:49:54] Guest Bio & Links
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