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February 11, 2024 45 mins
You can also watch this podcast on youtube.Episode SummaryIn this episode, my guest reveals the "Bouncing Souls" right wing media tactic keeping conspiracy theorists trapped.Hot topicsThe “soviet solution” technique that dismantles the New World Order conspiracy theories brick by brick 5:29WARNING: Never ask for proof of a conspiracy theory…ask the “reversed proof” question instead…this sneaky tactic will cause someone to doubt their own belief 9:42The four sneaky words Alex Jones uses to keep his followers coming back for more—every right wing grifter uses this 14:09“Mission Accomplished!” Discover the sick and twisted desire fueling 99% of all conspiracy theorists 35:56Hollywood False Flag Terror Plot Exposed!  This staged event was a conspiracy theory that came true despite all the coverups 24:56Drinking babies blood is the biggest QAnon conspiracy theory, right? WRONG! Here’s the QAnon claim that you can ignore right off the bat (by doing this, you’ll shut down QAnon fanatics) 33:03Introducing the “Bouncing Souls” manipulation tactic that keeps conspiracy theorists glued to the internet (this sends them further down the rabbit hole) 37:03Guest Bio & LinksThe Ex Conspiracy Theorists on FacebookThe Ex Conspiracy Theorists Youtube Channel
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