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March 29, 2024 45 mins
You can also watch this podcast about right wing brainwashing tactics leaving the cult behind on youtube.You know what drives me up a wall?  When people call conspiracy theorists stupid or crazy.Sure, some of them can come across as off the wall bonkers.  Stage 5 clingers if you will.  But truth be told?There's a lot of normal people that got caught up in conspiracy theory / right-wing garbage.Case in point—my guest's father.Jen Senko's father grew up a liberal.  But over time we became addicted to right-wing radio (and coincidentally right-wing outrage.)Her documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, is an incredible sneak-peak into how right-wing conspiracy grifters operate.  This documentary goes as far as the John Birch society in the 1950's.The John Birch Society played heavily into the anti-communism fears in the 1950's.  As well as starting up conspiracy theories about a global one-world government, and on and on.Here are some of the things we talk about on the podcastEXPOSED! How the Catholic Church forced my guest to “suffer in silence” and avoid addressing her mental health issues (this has nothing to do with child abuse) 8:35Echo chambers are bad, right?  WRONG!  Discover the unique “reverse echo chamber” in Antonio’s family that rescued him from conspiracy theories 4:32WARNING: Erase this from your vocabulary if you’re talking about politics—you’re helping to get right-wingers elected when you say these things (The GOP has spent BILLIONS of dollars convincing you to say them) 15:59The 4 words you can use to spot a conspiracy theorist in the wild 19:31“Extra Extra! Read all about it!” A sinister government plot to turn the world against the Jews using newspapers (and no, the NAZI's weren't involved) 22:18Plus much more!Guest Bio & Links Senko's book on Amazon:
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