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May 8, 2024 46 mins

The art of stock picking is a skill that can lead to significant rewards for those who master it.

How does one sift through the noise to identify undervalued gems? What does it take to maintain a long-term perspective in a market driven by short-term sentiments?

In this episode, Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist at Carson Group & Sonu Varghese, VP, Global Macro Strategist at Carson Group, sit down with Eddy Elfenbein, Portfolio Manager, to explore his journey as a well-known stock picker. They dive into several topics, such as Eddy's approach to selecting stocks, his ETF, thoughts on macroeconomic trends, and the importance of being optimistic about the stock market.

Eddy discusses: 

  • The thrill and challenges of being a true stock picker in an era dominated by passive investing
  • The evolution of his career, from sharing stock picks on his blog to managing an ETF with a unique fulcrum fee structure
  • The importance of simplifying complex market concepts and the dangers of Wall Street’s tendency to overcomplicate
  • Insights into the macroeconomic picture, exploring employment rates, nominal GDP growth, the strength of the labor market, and interest rates
  • And more!


Connect with Eddy Elfenbein: 

Connect with Ryan Detrick: 

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About Our Guest:

Eddy Elfenbein is a passionate and dedicated individual who has devoted his career to helping investors navigate the stock market. 

He is the founder of a website, Crossing Wall Street, where he shares his unbiased views on the market.

Eddy believes in the power of the stock market as the most consistently successful way to make money over the long term. He is a firm advocate of the ‘buy and hold’ strategy, emphasizing the importance of investing in outstanding companies. 

His goal is to help people avoid common investing mistakes and become successful investors.

In addition to his website, Eddy also manages an Exchange Traded Fund (CWS) based on his Buy List.

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