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May 26, 2024 37 mins

In this episode of Fearless Interventions, host Max Alperstein and cohost Jacob Finkel welcome AJ Edelman, 

a dual American-Israeli citizen and Israel’s most decorated skeleton athlete. Edelman shares his background, growing up in a modern Orthodox Jewish home, representing Israel at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and his current role in bobsledding. 

The discussion covers Jewish history, contemporary issues facing the Jewish community, and Edelman's efforts to advocate for Israel while balancing his career in sports. 

Edelman also speaks about overcoming challenges, the importance of self-pride, and the evolving identity of Israelis and Jews. The episode concludes with an exploration of the logistical intricacies of bobsledding and Edelman's vision for the future of Israel's bobsled team.

Feel free to donate to help Israel’s bobsled team here!

00:00 Welcome to Fearless Interventions with AJ Edelman

00:25 AJ Edelman: From Orthodox Jewish Home to Olympic Skeleton Athlete

01:28 AJ Edelman on Unity, Jewish History, and Overcoming Challenges

08:09 The Journey from Orthodox Judaism to Representing Israel in Sports

14:05 The Thrill and Challenges of Skeleton and Bobsledding

20:28 Navigating the Off-Season and the Impact of War on Team Israel

27:14 Advocating for Israel and Zionism: A Personal Mission

29:12 AJ Edelman: An Athlete, Advocate, and Proud Jew

31:11 Looking Ahead: The Future of Israel's Bobsled Team

36:45 Closing Thoughts and Support for Israel's Bobsled Team

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by the guest(s) are their own and may not necessarily reflect those of the hosts, Fearless Interventions, or its affiliates. We appreciate your understanding and hope you find this content insightful!

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A heartfelt thank you to StreamYards, CapCut, Descript, Grant Finkel and Janet Alperstein for their invaluable contributions to this episode. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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