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June 17, 2024 26 mins

In this episode of Fearless Interventions, Max Alperstein and Jacob Finkel are joined by Bridgette Proulx, a trailblazing hockey broadcaster. Bridgette shares her journey from growing up talking hockey with her dad to breaking into the male-dominated world of sports broadcasting. She discusses her career path, the challenges she's faced, and her thoughts on the future of the PWHL and women's hockey. Tune in to hear Bridgette's inspiring story and get an inside look at the world of hockey broadcasting.

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The views expressed by our guest(s) are their own and may not necessarily reflect those of the hosts, Fearless Interventions, or its affiliates. We appreciate your understanding and hope you find this content insightful!

🌟 Special Thanks:

A heartfelt thank you to StreamYard, CapCut, Descript, Janet Alperstein, and of course, Bridgette Proulx for their invaluable contributions to this episode. Your support is greatly appreciated!

⏰ Time Stamps:

- 00:00: Introduction and Welcome

- 00:09: Meet Bridget Proulx: A Trailblazer in Sports Broadcasting

- 00:48: Bridgette's Journey into Hockey Broadcasting

- 02:21: First Steps in Broadcasting

- 04:30: Balancing Multiple Roles in Broadcasting

- 05:37: The Impact of PWHL on Hockey

- 07:25: Overcoming Challenges in a Male-Dominated Industry

- 11:01: Preparing for a Broadcast

- 21:17: Future Goals and Aspirations

- 25:03: Closing Remarks and Final Thoughts

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