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June 10, 2024 50 mins

In this captivating episode of *Fearless Interventions*, join hosts Max Alperstein and Jacob Finkel for an enlightening conversation with renowned sex educator Logan Levkoff. Delve into Logan's journey, uncovering the challenges she faces, debunking common misconceptions about sexual education, and examining the profound impact of technology and societal pressures on teen sexuality. 

Logan shares heartfelt anecdotes, explores the complexities of peer pressure, and offers invaluable advice for fostering healthy sexual relationships. This candid discussion also navigates the intersection of faith and sexuality, emphasizing the importance of ongoing communication and education in sexual development.

✨ Organizations Logan Supports:

- Jewish National Fund USA (

- Jewish Women International (

✨ Connect with Dr. Logan Levkoff:

- Follow on social media: @loganlevkoff


The views expressed by our guest(s) are their own and may not necessarily reflect those of the hosts, *Fearless Interventions*, or its affiliates. We appreciate your understanding and hope you find this content insightful!

🌟 **Special Thanks:**

A heartfelt thank you to StreamYard, CapCut, Descript, Janet Alperstein, and Logan Levkoff for their invaluable contributions to this episode. Your support is greatly appreciated!

**Logan Levkoff, Ph.D.**

Sexuality Educator | Zionist

00:00 Introduction to Sex Education

01:26 Early Influences and Family Background

01:54 High School Peer Education

04:08 Challenges and Realizations

14:44 Impact of Technology on Sexuality

17:25 COVID-19 and Adolescent Development

22:27 Judgment and Personal Choices

25:10 The Futility of Pleasing Everyone

25:24 Double Standards and Judgment

26:10 Hookup Culture: A Historical Perspective

27:04 The Importance of Clear Communication

28:55 Awkward Moments and Social Media

31:28 Public Displays of Affection and Respect

33:19 Religious Perspectives on Intimacy

42:47 Parental Influence on Sexual Decisions

48:33 Final Thoughts and Jewish Values

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