We watch films and flog dead horses, so you don't have to. Is this week's film choice a complete waste of your viewing time? Much like Flogging/Beating a dead horse is...Get it? Anywho...Bone dry humour, an Irish woman's potty mouth & petty squabbling await. As our Greek mate Sophocles once said: "Nay, allow the claim of the dead; stab not the fallen; what prowess is it to FilmFlog the slain anew?" So, grab your whip of choice, mount your dead steed and let's ride! All served to you dripping in SARCASM


February 10, 2023 34 mins

Are you a Tight Arse?
Can't Sleep?



Mark as Played

Before Johnny Depp & Tim Burton completely lost their career and personal heads, respectively,  they gave us this gloomy delight.

Dan Machholz is back; what a goose. 

Topics discussed during the episode that will make you want to grind your teeth into pointy daggers include: 

  • Ben's deepthroat technique is improving. 
  • Ben is recording in the bath so he can instantly wash off the stink from talking with ...
Mark as Played
November 1, 2022 47 mins

Happy Halloween...In November

Due to the FilmFlogger's ongoing world tour, we've barely had time to get any new content out to our current listeners during the spooky season.

So, here's a taster of what it's like to be a Nitpicker over on our Patreon. 

We like to have fun over there.

Maybe a little too much.

Listen in to Ben's embarrassing attempts to convin...

Mark as Played
October 26, 2022 61 mins

Ben's struggles with podcasting on the road continue with The Monster Squad.

For the non-existent fans. 

Episode topics discussed that will make you feel like you've been kicked in the nards include:

  • We discuss how Dan's woodland frolicking ruined a 5-star opportunity.
  • How do you maintain a podcast when your co-host is nine days behind you? 
  • Ben continues to lie through his newfound positive teeth....
Mark as Played

Ben from FilmFloggers and Sean from Review It Yourself team up to take on a topic that will undoubtedly endear them to listeners' and other podcaster's hearts: CGI.

The expected 30-minute run time turns out to be wildly ambitious for these waffling pair of c---- (retracted by Sean).

Ben and Sean try to understand why CGI has become as prevalent as it has by taking on some of the worst CGI imaginable.


Mark as Played


You can access all our Nitpicking episodes during October for the measly sum of £2.50!

All the money raised during the month will go to a charity chosen randomly by one of our patrons!

Ben will delve deep into his pocket for every new sign-up and match that tier's cost!

And the best part?

You can sign up any time during October, binge all our content and leave be...

Mark as Played

"The real journey of indie podcasting are the friends we make along the way"...You'd expect Leo to spew this sort of thing out of his mouth during his pretentious quest to find meaning in paradise in Danny Boyle's 2000 film 'The Beach.'

The Beach was meant to be the first episode to kick off The FilmFloggers World Tour, but then The Queen died, so we (Fiona) thought it a good idea to attempt t...

Mark as Played
September 20, 2022 52 mins

We pay our respects to Her Majesty by returning to where her journey to the throne began.
Thanks for the memories, Elizabeth.
Your service has ended x

P.S. God save the King
And he couldn't get a word in this episode.
An Irishwoman stole the show and his throne.

Fiona doesn't swear once!!

As Ben's episode notes are typically filled with offensive junk...

Mark as Played

Jonny from the 'wonderful' What's Our Seat Number: Movie Review Podcast was 'nice' enough to request this 90s Pirate Box Office Bomb epic for us to do a 15-minute Nitpicking Flog.

Tell Jonny how much of douche he is here - What's Our Seat Number

Please don't say we don't care about our fans...It's just a shame they don't care about us.

Mark as Played

Does running an indie podcast sometimes make you feel like chopping off your dick and shocking it up your arse? 

Just me, then!

A Sweaty Danny Glover coaxes a former host from the grave for one last hurrah. The deadman has his say on Twitter and how Prey's (2022) tiers of CGI could send your head into a violent spin.

Robosnake anyone?

What's this freak talking about, I hear you say?


Mark as Played

Welcome To NitPickers.

Join us as we spend waay too much time NitPicking all the most important and unimportant details in films! Our mission? To comb through everything from cinema's biggest turds, ruin your childhood favourites, and dump all over stone-cold classics.



Mark as Played
August 22, 2022 83 mins

Dan's 9-year-old son gives us his views on the 18-rated Blade as Ben watches on with his microphone resting on his impressive penis...We like to have fun over on FilmFloggers.

The film that paved the way for this glorious never-ending MCU universe was fronted by a guy in full leather breaking up a blood rave and chasing down a latex blob who enjoys nothing more than feasting on the hearts of infants...Your Move, Capt...

Mark as Played
August 15, 2022 105 mins

War of the Worlds (2005)

As Sean continues to parade around as the self-proclaimed 'Waffler', the OG Waffler seeks him out to help combat his unprovoked self-proclaimed unpopularity amongst his indie peers.

Isn't a peer someone at the same level as you...? A real head-scratcher for Ben.

The War of the Wafflers commences.

(Head Over To Our Website for The Full Episode Notes!)

Mark as Played
August 1, 2022 64 mins


A confused cheesy 80s Star Wars rip-off featuring the leather hotpants wielding, legs for days blonde bombshell Dolph Lungren talking in a muddled Swedish, English, and dubbed language that undoubtedly served as an inspiration to The Room's Tommy Wiseau?

Backed up by Gwildor, a furry fuckface Yoda-inspired, Ewok wannabe who gives Jar Jar Binks a run for his money. <...

Mark as Played

I won't waste your time with wizardry puns, so just Wingaren Levisarrrr (Haha!) your way over to our Patreon to hear the full episode & see what all the fuss is about!

I might try this on Fiona...'I'm not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?''s loads.

Mark as Played

"Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying"

The Reboot...again! 

Are Ben's hopes for this podcast shitty pipe dreams? The good fight continues! 

You'll be surprised to hear the correct pronunciation of Zihuatanejo caused one or two issues.

Topics crammed into the episode before The Sisters 'would let us be' include: 

  • Fiona nails our new intro 
  • Fiona blames her incompetence on dyslexia.
  • Do you want to be Ben'...
Mark as Played

Elllllliot...Just go home already E.T!

Do you remember what we said about ruining your childhood favourites?   
Here's a sneak peek of the very, VERY sweary E.T  the Extra-Terrestrial NitPickers episode.

I hate to do this, and it's hard to keep a straight face whilst typing...but for as little as £3 per month, you can find the full episode over on our Patreon!

Please give us your hard-ear...

Mark as Played

Are you a Tight Arse?

Has the long-drawn-out FilmFloggers reboot already fallen?

Before we ask our loyal listener Sean to start paying for more of this, here's a sneak peek of one of the several hundred new shows we plan on ramming into every single available orifice.

Welcome To NitPickers.

Join us as we spend waay too much time NitPicking all the most important and unimportant details in...

Mark as Played

Late to the party as per, we look at how the love affair between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard played out like a typical day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson. 

Oh, and also, we try out some new segments.

Oh, and also, also, Fiona comments on the varying quality on offer from the Indie Podcast scene and their respective Patreons, whilst Ben sits quietly worrying about how this will affect the show's long-talked-about re...

Mark as Played

Little Miss Sunshine
Are you a Tight Arse?

Before we venture off on our own deranged international road trip, we pose the question: Just how dysfunctional is your family?

If you're a Fat
, Horny, Ugly Blob who enjoys Beauty Pageants, this is the episode for you.

00:01:05) - Intro Waffles
(00:06:30) - Review Start
(00:16:35) - Richard or Dwayne? 
(00:47:50) - Happy ...

Mark as Played

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