Forces for Good

Forces for Good

Forces for Good, a new podcast that tells the story of economic systems change through the lens of the B Corp movement. Building on the foundation of our pilot season (a special series created in partnership with Finding Humanity, Webby People’s Voice Award Winner for Best Series in Public Service and Activism), Forces for Good takes a hard look at how businesses are solving the biggest societal and environmental problems of our time. Host Irving Chan-Gomez (Growth & Partnerships at B Lab Global) speaks with entrepreneurs and experts on what companies are doing to move beyond buzzwords, change destructive practices across industries, and drive positive impact for people and the planet. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


October 10, 2023 23 mins

Why don’t Black and brown entrepreneurs have the same access and opportunities as their wealthy, white counterparts?  How can access, opportunity and support empower these entrepreneurs so that their great ideas are able to thrive and make a difference in the world?

Jay Bailey is the President and CEO of the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs. When we sat down in Aspen, we talked about how access is the key to empo...

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What is philanthropy’s role in finding the next world-changing great leader? What if the solutions to some of the world's biggest problems are out there, but they just need a little help scaling? 

Anne Welsh McNulty is the co-founder and president of the John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation.  When we sat down in Aspen, we talked about impact centered leadership, what moral courage means and how the McNulty Foundat...

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September 26, 2023 27 mins

Why does purpose matter? How can for profit companies have a positive impact on their communities? How are purpose and profit linked? 

Rob Falzon is Vice Chair at Prudential Financial and a Member of the Board of Directors and Lata Reddy is Senior Vice President of Inclusive Solutions. When we sat down in Aspen, we talked about impact investing, community work, and balancing purpose in the financial sector. 

Learn m...

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How are food and justice linked? How can we change the way our society approaches nutrition? How can businesses and individuals be a part of that?

Maya Feller is a nationally recognized, registered dietician-nutritionist who brings a culturally sensitive approach to her work. Curt Ellis is the CEO of FoodCorps, a nonprofit focused on food justice and education. When I sat down with the two of them in Aspen, we talked about how t...

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As we increasingly witness the effects of climate change, what can we expect for the future of our planet? How can we mitigate these harmful effects? What is the importance of coming together to find solutions?

Greg Gershuny is the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program, – and co-director of Aspen Ideas Climate. When we sat down in Aspen, he underscored the importance of convening. He says comin...

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September 5, 2023 24 mins

How are for-profit companies changing the way businesses operate to benefit people and the planet? What challenges do they face along the way? How is B Corp certification helping? 

Melanie Chow is the Vice President of Mission and Sustainability at Danone. When we sat down in Aspen, we had an honest conversation about how Danone is grap-pling with creating impact in an agricultural industry that demands innovation and effor...

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Driving positive impact for people and the planet takes collaboration, innovation, and inspiration. In this special series, B Lab’s Forces for Good is featuring live conversations from the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival. In partnership with Danone North America, one of the largest Certified B Corporations, this podcast will share groundbreaking ideas and stories about putting purpose into action. From inclusive nutrition to reimagined m...

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B Corp Certification is a journey, not a destination. Making your business a Force for Good – and ensuring it stays that way – means constantly working to improve your practices. Whether or not they are part of the B Corp community, all businesses looking to improve their social and environmental impact can benefit from a continuous improvement mindset. The goal for every B Lab employee, non-profit leader, and business we’ve talked...

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So much of what makes up a ‘good’ business is external. They promote the positive impact of goods and services to customers, they put out PR statements about their purpose, and they make commitments that shareholders and customers call for.

But what about the people who make a company run? In this episode we answer:

  • How can companies ensure that workers are satisfied and share their sense of purpose?
  • How can businesses give em...
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Businesses are usually seen as competitors but, in order to solve the crisis facing our planet they need to work together, collaboratively and collectively. In this episode we answer:

  • What does collective action really mean?
  • How are coalitions built within industries and among businesses with similar goals for sustainability, social change, and more? 
  • What are the advantages — and challenges — of taking action as a collec...
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January 10, 2023 31 mins

Our current economic system is built on a history of injustice, inequity, violence, and oppression. But businesses do have options to build more inclusive workplaces. On the show, we speak with businesses (both large and small) that are attempting to disrupt legacies of oppression.  In this episode we answer:

  • What can companies do to dismantle these conditions of violence and oppression in their business practices?
  • How c...
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Sustainable food and agricultural systems are critical to human wellbeing and the health of our planet. Yet, environmental degradation, climate change, hunger, poverty, economic inequality, and the impacts of war all contribute to a complex of interconnected challenges that put our foodways in crisis. How can business be driven to make decisions that mitigate food waste and loss, fight hunger, and address the growing threats of cli...

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There's not a worker alive today who does not want to be paid fairly for their labor. But what is a fair, living wage? In this episode, we speak to experts who help us understand the difference between a minimum and a living wage, dig into profiles of workers and industries that are at the greatest risk of falling below a living wage standard, and showcase businesses that are working to ensure every worker — throughout their entire...

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How can businesses take part in movements for social and environmental justice? It might seem like a strange question — business is a core driver of negative impacts, from economic inequality to environmental extraction. Yet by examining their practices and changing for the better — and advocating for peers to do the same — businesses can unlock enormous potential for positive change. Activism has a place in corporate boardrooms, a...

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Climate crisis is not a looming threat — it’s already here.  Catastrophic extreme weather events are on the rise, and they’re taking a devastating toll around the world. Businesses are one of the biggest contributors to the crisis — and yet they are also among the most important players in finding solutions. 


In this episode, we dive into the science-backed targets that a growing community of business leaders are com...

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October 25, 2022 25 mins

Have you noticed an influx of products marketed as sustainable, eco-friendly, or recycled? You're not alone. As the global climate emergency accelerates and consumer awareness grows, businesses are increasingly leveraging green marketing to reach conscientious customers. But not all marketing is created equal. 

On the show, experts explain the problem of "greenwashing," when marketing is designed to make consumers believe a...

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October 11, 2022 22 mins

“Purpose-driven company.” You've likely heard these words, but what does it actually mean for a company to act with purpose? In the inaugural episode of B Lab’s original podcast, “Forces for Good,” we tackle how growing social and environmental conscientiousness in the business community has led many companies to rethink their mission and become increasingly accountable for impact beyond return on investment for shareholders—includ...

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September 28, 2022 2 mins

Forces for Good, a new podcast that tells the story of economic systems change through the lens of the B Corp movement. Our show takes a hard look at how businesses are solving the biggest societal and environmental problems of our time. This season, we dive deep into topics including: the purpose industrial complex, how to spot greenwashing, what it means to be an activist business, and how companies can learn from their mistakes ...

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