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September 17, 2023 34 mins
Olivia and Emily have a frank conversation over late-night pancakes at Pat’s Diner. Produced by Rogue Dialogue Productions ( Written and directed by Jack Marone and Bob Raymonda Cast: Josh Rubino as Fr. Klem Casey Callaghan as Fr. Ben Graham Rowat as Pat Emily Elizabeth as Olivia Caroline Mincks as Emily Michael Larkin as Joe Sarah Rhea Werner as Darla Jeffrey Nils Gardener as Clinic Escort Bob Frame as Roger Michael Antico as Brett Bob Raymonda as Protestor Adam Raymonda as Protestor Jack Marone as Protestor Sensitivity reading by Jay Griffin. Script editing by Jordan Stillman. Dialogue editing by Bob Raymonda. Sound design and score by Adam Raymonda. Logo by Sam Twardy ( Follow @ForgiveMeShow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Find a transcript of the episode here. Donate to the Midwest Access Coalition here. For early access to episodes and bonus content, become a patron at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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