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May 14, 2024 39 mins

Welcome to the ninth episode of Four Old College Friends. We're old college friends, now in our 40s, getting together to talk about life.

This episode was recorded on Friday, April 26, 2024.

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Show notes:

00:30 We're back after a few months off, starting with a quick recap of where we left off: Deanna was moving into a new house and finalizing her divorce, Lauren was figuring out Philly high schools and recently got engaged, Jess was doing new work stuff and "in it" with the little kids.

01:50 Alex's college decision and making the Wisconsin cheerleading team

03:40 Update on the big PSU reunion weekend and our plan to do record a huge 4 old college friends show with all our old friends

04:40 Jessica professes her love for Notion; We discuss using Notion for managing life and work tasks and Jessica tells us she applied for a job at Notion.

06:25 Jessica does not love using her phone, a little foreshadow into the topic at the end of the show about technology.

06:55 Eyesight and unavoidably needing reading glasses in our 40s

09:30 "This has been the longest life ever." The days are long but the years are short. Cliche but true.

10:20 Jessica recounts her stressful visit to Spain to see her husband Stu with her 2 little kids. Followed by a conversation about whether we think it's hard or easy to travel internationally with kids.

15:25 Train your kids by giving them lists! Everyone needs a friend who is camp counselor, aka the friend group leader. We <3 our camp counselor Deanna and her lists.

17:05 Call back to Notion and Jess's job application. Notion needs help reaching businesses; Jessica can help them reach creatives. Notion, give Jessica a call!

19:30 Being early adopters and putting 4 Old College Friends onchain, explaining NFTs...again…and failing miserably.

22:00 Adrienne predicts the entire internet will be built on top of blockchains in 10 years from now

22:35 Deanna is reminded of the show Silicon Valley, which reminds us we need to watch Jess's Show The Circle Season 6 on Netflix.

More show recommendations: Fallout on Amazon Prime.

Three Body Problem on Netflix. One Day. Westworld

26:41 - Book Recommendations: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

But no one remembers anything - we read a book and then forget what it was about. S/O to Nicole Ritchie's Instagram for book recommendations.

The Greatest Night in Pop on Netflix about the making of We Are the World.

28:30 - More talk about memory problems and a discussion about whether your brain comes back when your kids get older or when you send them away to camp.

30:15 Exploring if technology is good or bad. And Jessica asks a big question: can she make "no YouTube" a household rule and what does that mean for her kids when everyone else is watching YouTube?

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