Get My Book Out There Podcast

Get My Book Out There Podcast

Have you ever doubted that you could actually turn your fiction writing into a profitable author business? Or move the dial on your current fiction author business? We want to prove to you that you can create an easy to follow book selling marketing system in your author business. We are the self-publishing author & marketing duo that has sold over 2 million books! And we are going to swing open the doors and show you how we went from self-publishing newbies to hitting the New York Times Bestsellers list, and making the USATODAY Bestsellers list 19 times and counting! We will share with you how to create a simple yet effective marketing plan to increase readership and book sales so you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it!


August 25, 2022 8 mins
As children, we're taught to believe in the magic of connection. Whether it's the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, we're taught that when we believe in something strongly enough, it feels real. The same is true when it comes to marketing. If you can tap into the magic of connection with your reader avatar, you can create a powerful marketing force that will work won...
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Come behind the scenes of Narelle's Mastermind and her August sales activator challenge. Coming into the biggest book buying months of the year (September - December), Narelle challenged her Mastermind to start flexing their marketing and sales muscles so they have their marketing groove on when the last quarter of the year arrives.
In this podcast, Narell...
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When it comes to increasing book sales, you will need to step outside your comfort zone and try new marketing activities, ones that potentially scare you or you don't want to do but you know you need to. While this can be uncomfortable, it's important to remember that these new habits will help you reach new readers and increase sales.
In this podcast,  Narelle shares ...
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We have had some interesting and even curly questions asked over the years. As S.E. Smith is a wide author and not in Kindle Unlimited (KU), by far the most popular curly question from readers is, "How do I read your books for free?".
In this podcast, Narelle discusses the approach her and Susan use to respond to readers seeking free books. Rather than ign...
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    Selecting a coach to work with is a personal choice because there are obviously many different coaches and many different coaching styles. How do you know who to go with as what is right for one person may not be right for you?
    In this podcast, Narelle Todd shares her approach to coaching that helps authors achieve (and exceed) their goals. An experienced ...
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    If you're an author, it's time to face the truth: the reason you might not be getting what you desire in your business is you.
    In this podcast, I talk about the number one thing stopping authors from reaching their goals and sabotaging their business - their mindset. Authors often are not aware of their own self-sabotage or what to do next to correct the s...
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    Short, punchy, and attention getting – these are the three things readers want when they’re scrolling through their social media feeds. And if you can give them a piece of your story that achieves all of those goals in just a few sentences, you’ve done your job. Bring on Snippets!
    Snippets are 1-2 powerful sentences from your story that not only give your ...
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    Have you ever wanted to reach out to someone who is further along in their author journey and ask for their help or advice? Chances are fear has held you back from reaching out or thinking that you are the only one who has a question or doesn't know what to do next.
    This podcast is all about how to empower yourself and ask for help so you can grow your aut...
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    In this podcast, you'll learn our 3 best productivity apps for Mac and Windows systems so you can write anywhere, be more productive, streamline your workflow, and edit and format faster. We can’t imagine not using these now after discovering them!
    These apps for productivity range from writing your book, editing your book to working anywhere. These produc...
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    You know bad days are going to arrive, probably when you least want them or expect them. You have a choice as to how you will deal with those bad days and in today's podcast, we look at what motivates us to push through on the bad days and do what we have committed to or need to achieve.
    It's time to flex your resilience muscle with us so grab a coffee, le...
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    What is the impact of perfectionism on writing? Stephanie Harrell talks about how perfectionism can hinder your writing career because you procrastinate for fear of not doing something new well or perfectly or you overthink and you don't allow yourself to see how good your writing and marketing is.
    If you struggle with perfectionism, procrastination or imp...
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    Growing as a writer and a business owner requires you to always be learning all the time - learning the craft of writing, running the mechanics of a business, and working out the marketing tactics for your particular genre. "It's like starting a new job every week!"
    Stephanie Harrell opens the doors on her business growth as a new author and what she has d...
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    What an amazing chat we had with Natalie Palma! This episode is perfect for newly published writers and writers wanting to publish.
    Prior to releasing her first book, Natalie Palma called herself a dabbler in writing, being in writers groups for ten years, and having written but never completed many books. Natalie steps us through the release of her first ...
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    Winnie started her author business in 2018 and shares her lessons learnt from starting her business and writing in multi-genres. If you write in different genres (or want to), this episode is a must listen. Winnie gives her tips for successfully integrating multiple genres under one pen name.
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    May 16, 2022 11 mins
    What if you were to reinvent yourself? What would you be doing? It's a fun way to check in on your happiness radar! If you are feeling stuck or just want to play with possibilities, have some fun and ask yourself the question.
    Susan and Narelle talk about what they would be doing if they were to reinvent themselves... any ideas on what their dream jobs are...
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    May 9, 2022 12 mins
    Writing is a solitary business and often one with non-standard hours! 7pm to midnight (or longer), anyone?! Author groups are a great way to meet other authors, socialise and discuss things only a fellow author would want to know about - plot holes, hashtags, and self-publishing. But there can also be some downsides to joining an author group, from group think to comparisonitis a...
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    Cassandra Chandler is a USA TODAY Bestselling author who well knows that the road to success as an author is not linear. In this episode, Narelle and Susan chat with Cassandra about her personal development and growth as a writer and a business owner. With innate honesty and a healthy dose of self-reflection, Cassandra shares her author journey with its inherent struggles and win...
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    Writing small town romance with a twist of magic is author, Candace Colt's happy place. Candace was previously published with a small press publisher and we talk with Candace about making the transition to self-published. What she wishes she knew then and what she's grateful to know now.
    This podcast wi...
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    April 18, 2022 23 mins
    Authors need a marketing plan! Releasing a book into the wild and hoping someone buys it is not a plan and yet many authors come to us doing exactly this.
    In this podcast, we share our three must do activities with your marketing plan... because sort of having one and implementing it, are two very different things.
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    Feelings of disappointment and sadness can be difficult to bounce back from when opportunities fall through in our business. So what can writers do to keep their faith in their work and their goals when challenging moments happen in their business?
    Jill Wallace is on our podcast today and we discuss two major disappointments she has lived through in her wr...
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