Get On Purpose with Karen James

Get On Purpose with Karen James

We’ve heard it time and time again, this idea of purpose being at the heart of our lives, but have you stopped to look at what ‘living on purpose’ actually means for you? The world is an increasingly noisy place, at home, at work and pretty much everywhere you go. How do you distil it all and make sure you’re not filling time with busy activities which may not actually matter? How do you work, or run a business, or live your life and not get to the end of your day, or year or worse your life and say what was that all about? In the words of Mark Twain, “Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. Get on Purpose is the podcast where we fuse what matters most in your life, and business, to create your blueprint and framework to get clear, get moving and get results. Each week your host, the informed and infectious Karen James, guides you towards what matters most as the key to living on purpose in business and in life.


July 23, 2018 12 mins

In this episode, we are in conversation with Katrina Dunn, CEO of Grameen Australia, and Giles Gunesekera, CEO of Global Impact Initiative. We are carrying on with our central thesis of the intersection of the sense of purpose letter and this new thinking of being an authentic leader in connecting your head and heart and what it looks like in their businesses.

In this episode:

  • Katrina’s t...
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In this episode, we discuss the conscious leader and the kind of character needed to lead a conscious company.

In this episode:

  • Learnings from the Conscious Company Leaders Forum.
  • Redwoods and how it can be likened to leaders.
  • What is a conscious leader?
  • Candour in the world of leadership.
  • Read more
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In this episode, we discuss why leaders need to create and encourage a garden that seeds social intrepreneurship within their organisations and the long-lasting impact and benefits it can deliver.

In this episode:

  • Getting started in social intrepreneurship – see where the need is your community.
  • The importance of cultivating a garden that welcomes and encour...
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May 27, 2018 10 mins

In this Episode, we look further into Larry Fink's A Sense of Purpose open letter to CEOs letter where he discusses the intersection between purpose and strategy and the link between the two of them.  

Today we look at two things that everyone can do to bring their strategic vision to life - Say It and Pay It.

In this episode:

  • Understanding that what we say matters and it can make i...
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In this Episode, we look further into Larry Fink's A Sense of Purpose open letter to CEOs letter where he discusses the intersection between purpose and strategy and the link between the two of them.  

He also discusses the need for your company's strategic framework to look at global trends such as slow wage growth, raising automation and climate change and how they are going to affect your potential for growth long-te...

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May 7, 2018 12 mins

In Season 1 we talked about you and creating your blueprint, Season 2 was with conversations with people who are living their purpose and with this new third Season, we will explain closely the intersection of three areas - capital markets, global needs and human behaviours and how they all work together.

In Season 3 I will talk about three people I follow closely Blackrock's CEO Larry Fink, Marvin Oka and Professor Muhammd Yunus....

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April 30, 2018 32 mins

Today we recap the lessons learnt and powerful messages shared from Season 2 of the Get On Purpose Podcast.


In this episode:

  • Knowing the power of one  and making the impossible possible with Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Professor Muhammad Yunus.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to tell their story, find their identity and own who they are in their business with ...
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Today on the podcast we have the unique privilege of being in conversation with Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Professor Muhammad Yunus talking about his own purpose and valuable view on building social businesses to solve global problems. We also discuss his new book A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions.

Professor Yunus is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, bank...

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December 10, 2017 28 mins

Today I am joined by John Beckett founder and CEO of Seed. His passion is helping individuals and organisations to develop and articulate a clear sense of identity and purpose, and to find the places where their own stories fit with God’s story and God’s purposes.

John is the Founder and CEO of Seed. His passion is helping individuals and organisations to develop and articulate a clear sense of identity and purpose, an...

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Today I am joined by  author, speaker, media commentator, blogger and advocate for women and girls, Melinda Tankard Reist. She is best known for her work addressing sexualisation, objectification, harms of pornography,  sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence against women.

Melinda is author/editor of five books including Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls (Spinifex Press, 2009), now in its 9th pr...

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Today I am joined by Symon Brewis-Weston, CEO of FlexiGroup Limited.

I’m proud to know Symon and have worked with him for many years. He has extensive international financial services experience and a deep understanding of consumer and business markets in Asia-Pacific. Symon received the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles CEO Leadership Award in 2015 for his commitment to workplace diversity and community en...

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November 19, 2017 18 mins

In this interview, I am joined by Abigail Forsyth - a leader in the global campaign to promote sustainability.

In this episode:

  • Abigail's blueprint begins with family and walking the talk
  • How she applies energy and positivity in everything she does
  • The singular purpose of KeepCup
  • Customer journey mapping research
  • What brings Abigail's values to life
  • How media coverage effected the business
  • The War of Waste show
  • ...
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November 12, 2017 13 mins

Today I am joined by Heather Swan, an adventurer who is a passionate advocate of an adventure-filled lifestyle.  

In this episode:

  • Heather shares her personal blueprint of sharing experiences of living authenticity and confronting fear when it is not helpful
  • How she lives her personal purpose of ‘exploring what is possible’ to inspire...
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Our first guest this season is Therese Kerr from The Divine Company based in Tweed Heads NSW.

In this episode:

  • Therese shares her personal blueprint of integrity, honesty and love
  • How her family’s public profile allows her to share her purpose of transforming health within one generation through her company The Divine Company.
  • ...
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October 29, 2017 6 mins

In this season we are are following on from season 1 where we talked about the principles in the book. This season we take it a bit further into conversations with my special guests about how they live a life that is on purpose.

This season will talk to guests about how they glue together their blueprint and framework to create their Blueframe and how they pull it all together.   

In this episode I introduce what to exp...

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October 22, 2017 9 mins

Today I talk about why Leaders need to start with the PLOT - Purpose, Leadership, Operations and Technology.

In this episode I discussed:

  • What is the PLOT and how can you apply it to your life
  • How to use the PLOT Framework for accountability
  • How the BLUEFRAME ties it in all together

Get a copy of the PLOT Framework here

Today’s Get on Purpose Action (GOPA):
Hold yourself accountable and measure. 


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October 15, 2017 13 mins

Today I talk about technology…it’s intrusive and everywhere but is it servicing you and your higher purpose?


In this episode I discussed:

  • The two different types of technology - digital and business
  • The impacts of digital technology and how it acts as a disruptive event in our lives
  • Is technology powering your purpose? ?
  • Comparing vs being yourself on social media
  • How technology needs to tell your s...
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October 8, 2017 13 mins

Today I talk about the importance of incorporating policies into your life when living with the four pillars.

In this episode I discussed:

  • How corporate organisational structure and operating models can help in our personal life
  • The importance of policy in applying it in all areas of our life
  • The Bad Parenting Policy
  • Read more
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October 1, 2017 16 mins

Today I talk about key two areas in an organisation - leadership and strategy.  

We talk about these together as you can’t have good leadership without good strategy and vice versa.

Today I discussed:

  • Charisma over character
  • Being the leader of your own life
  • Why the world is noisy and the importance of being able to...
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September 24, 2017 13 mins

Today I talk all about values and the important role they play in life, both in your personal life and at work.   

In this episode I discussed:

  • Difference between your moral blueprint and values
  • How your values sit at the conscious level
  • The important role values play the part when at major life crossroads
  • Read more
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