Get POWERED Up with Jessica Jones

Get POWERED Up with Jessica Jones

Get POWERED Up with Jessica Jones focuses on life in the driver's seat of a small business in the 21st century. From my favorite softwares to my thoughts on the current socioeconomic climate of the world around me, join me as we explore day-to-day life as a small business owner.


September 28, 2023 60 mins
In this episode of Get Powered Up with Jessica Jones, the topic of burnout is explored in-depth. Jessica and her husband, Charlie Langford, discuss the signs and symptoms of burnout, emphasizing that it goes beyond mere fatigue. They also highlight the importance of setting boundaries to prevent burnout, particularly in the workplace. Tune in to gain insights on recognizing and addressing burnout, and learn how to bring light to ar...
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In this episode of Get Powered Up, host Jessica Jones interviews Danyel Nicole Black, the founder and CEO of Crown Me Foundation. Danyel shares her passion for service and empowering others to live healthier and more prosperous lives by helping them navigate various aspects of relationships in love, business, and day-to-day interactions. In addition, the episode emphasizes the importance of women and girls learning how to advoc...
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July 27, 2023 60 mins
Join host Jessica Jones as she sits down with renowned storyteller and coach, Brian Perry, and co-host Charlie, an accomplished entrepreneur and owner of a successful candle-making business. In this inspiring and informative episode, they explore the transformative world of storytelling in the business realm, emphasizing the power of authenticity and genuine connections. Throughout the episode, Jessica, Brian and Charlie emphasi...
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June 29, 2023 60 mins
In this captivating episode, join Jessica and Charlie as they delve into maintaining creativity as adults, even within the bustling realm of the business world. Through their insightful conversation, they explore the multifaceted nature of creativity and its countless manifestations in our lives. Drawing upon their own experiences and engaging anecdotes, Jessica and Charlie shed light on the diverse avenues through which creativ...
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We live in a world where technology reigns supreme, so why not take advantage? Jessica and Charlie discuss benefits of adding or expanding your business technology and give tips that can help your business be as efficient and powerful as possible. From tips and tricks related to your e-mail inbox to automation software, they'll provide just a few examples of how to take back your invaluable time, freeing you up to focus on the rea...
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April 27, 2023 60 mins
Jessica Jones is always questioning the flip side of the business equation: What happens when you’re not moving forward? As a small business owner, you’re in the driver’s seat of your business at all times. But what happens when you’re out of gas, you’re parked in neutral, or you’re stuck in reverse? Jessica Jones and Mary Jane Walsh explore these questions with a new twist: balancing the scales with your limited resources of tim...
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March 30, 2023 60 mins
This episode highlights the importance of analyzing and focusing your most limited resources: time, energy, and money. We also talk about how to balance the scales to keep yourself sane while still being successful.
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February 23, 2023 60 mins
This episode focuses on how to hone in on your brand, sell yourself to new customers, and how to develop your skills to close the deal, even as an introvert.
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Knowing the signs of life when it comes to your business is crucial. In this episode, Jessica takes you back to the basics and breaks down the fundamentals of your financial statements and tells you how to read the pulse of your business.
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December 29, 2022 60 mins
Listen to the way your business speaks to you. It talks to you every day, if you know how to listen. Learn to hear your business. It teaches lessons year after year, season after season, and day after day. Sometimes listening to your business means abandoning or adjusting an idea you had, in favor of what your business wants from you.
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November 23, 2022 60 mins
Exploring the day-to-day life of a business owner, we're bringing it back to HOW changing your perspective relates to your business - and how your business fits into the landscape of society.
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October 27, 2022 60 mins
When you think of running a business, you tend to get scared and think about all the things that can go wrong. You may think that off the bat you are in the red, that you have to do it all yourself, or worse, that you can't do it. In this episode, we talk about ways to shift your perspective about running your business from the start.
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