Global EDM Sessions By DJ XTC

Global EDM Sessions By DJ XTC

Global EDM Sessions is the official home of DJ XTC’s Global Trance Sessions and Global House Sessions Podcasts. Whether it be uplifting trance, or four on the floor house kicks, we have you covered. Now releasing bi-weekly.


July 21, 2024 73 mins

Releasing another fan favourite to celebrate my birthday weekend. Crafted as a musical time capsule for my newborn son in 2005, it was a personal project, enhanced by DJ Sheenz’s epic drops. Initially overlooked, it exploded in popularity, with over a million seeding the file for months and countless heartfelt emails from fans worldwide on this specific set for years. It’s humbling to know this set introduced many to EDM and became...

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To celebrate my birthday, I decided to release a special set. When I first started doing online sets, I connected with a DJ who used to spin at Bollywood After Parties in India during the mid-2000s. At that time, 90s club music was incredibly popular with the Bollywood crowd. Knowing my background in 90s club scenes, he asked me to create a few sets for his gigs.

For a while, I became his “ghost DJ.” This set, which I later release...

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This episode takes us back to the peak of Global Trance Sessions. Originally aired on May 17th, 2009, on Energy 105.1FM Toronto, it features two hours of the best classic trance tracks from 2005 to 2009.

Paul Oakenfold was initially scheduled to guest star in this episode. However, he accepted an invitation to tour with Madonna about a week after I sent the invite and couldn’t commit. To make up for it, I packed the first hour with...

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This fan favourite is a way back throw back from the early days of Global Trance Sessions. A lot of really great classic trance in this episode from 2007.  Enjoy:


Track List:

01. Nick Robertson - Cattleships And Bruisers 02. REQUEST FROM CHERYL: Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You (Vandit Club Mix) 03. A F Project - Ankh (Breath of life) (Carl_B_remix) 04. Octagen And M.I.D...

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June 20, 2024 63 mins

In this episode of Global House Sessions, immerse yourself in the hypnotic rhythms of tech house—a fusion of Ibiza-inspired summer beats with a tantalizing Latin flavor. Picture yourself cruising down the open road, wind in your hair, or lounging by the sun-kissed beach. Let the beats transport you, the melodies ignite your soul, and the rhythm become your heartbeat.

YouTube Video of this episode (Strait DJ Set): https://www.youtub...

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June 7, 2024 119 mins

Welcome to Global Trance Sessions Ep 123! 🎶 As we gear up for the summer months, this episode will get you in the summer mood with uplifting beats and vocal trance—all clocking in at 140 BPMs. The YouTube video of this episode mixed live by me under my streaming/artist alias Jay Kobo can be found here:  

Mark your calendars for mid-July because that’s when I’ll be dropping my annual Summ...

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May 17, 2024 57 mins

Welcome to Global House Sessions Episode 10! 🎶 In this electrifying episode, we dive deep into the underground house scene, exploring the latest and greatest underground beats from around the globe.

Whether you’re a seasoned underground house enthusiast or just curious about this genre, this episode promises to captivate your senses. Whether you’re grooving in your living room, gaming, working out, or cruising the streets, let the...

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The initial hour of this episode of Global Trance Sessions is a euphoric journey, adorned with melodic beats, all pulsating at a heart-racing 140 BPM mixed by yours truly. I'm also thrilled to unveil the global premiere of my latest trance track under my Jay Kobo alias, “Midsummer Night’s Dream” out on May 10th, 2024 as our top tune of the month.

But wait, there’s more—our second-hour spotlight shines on the remarkable Mark Porritt...

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Last weekend, I had the honour of doing a one-hour guest set for Vibez.Live, under my Jay Kobo alias. The set, which runs at 138 BPMs, is filled with vocal and uplifting trance. Many of the artists and vocalists featured below were listening live, getting “goosebumps” throughout the set and "absolutely loving it!" 🎶 It was a very special moment in my DJ career to share this hour journey with such amazing and talented artists in in...

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Today’s lineup is brimming with progressive and vocal trance tracks, all pulsating at a dynamic 138 BPM—guaranteed to elevate your energy levels. In the second hour, we’re honoured to feature DJ Hey, a fully blind DJ who, despite her disability, has become a pioneering figure in the Trance music scene.

Join me as I sit down with her for an in-depth interview prior to her set, where she’ll share her inspiring entry into the world of...

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March 15, 2024 62 mins

In this episode of Global House Sessions, I serve up a solid hour of the freshest and finest tech house tunes, all infused with an exhilarating underground pulse. It’s the ideal soundtrack for unwinding post-work, setting a rhythmic backdrop to your spring cleaning, or enhancing your drive with a top-notch audio system. Crank it up and let the beats resonate through you.

Track List:

Read more

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For all vocal trance aficionados, this episode is a celebration of the genre. Imbued with the essence of spring, it’s sure to inject vibrancy into your playlist. The opening hour is a cascade of euphoric vocal and progressive rhythms, all set to a lively 140 BPM, paving the way for DJ Highlander’s takeover in the second hour. Expect a mesmerizing guest set dedicated to vocal trance, crafting the perfect mix to welcome the seasonal ...

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🇨🇦 Toronto House Scene 🇨🇦 represents in this episode!! Join me DJ XTC in the first hour as I walk you through a memorable journey into underground tech house with some past and present tunes along the way, and the global premier of my new track under my Jay Kobo alias called “Like an Animal”. 

In the second hour Shauny Walker who is an international DJ/producer from the Toronto house scene takes over with a beautifully mixed se...

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Welcome to a new year and another new episode of Global Trance Sessions. I’m back to a regular release schedule after spending a few months off and in the studio doing music production.

This episode is packed with uplifting beats all 138+ BPM.  The first hour I take on you on a journey through some epic uplifting trance.  In the second hour !D.J.G. & M.I.K! combine their unique style of light and dark trance to give you a full ...

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December 15, 2023 121 mins

Another year has passed and another great year in Trance music.  Remakes of the classics were king again this year.  I did a nod to that in the open set starting with some classics and then moving on to tracks I've played throughout the podcast over the year. This episode clocks in at 138 BPMs for the full two hours and mixed live.  I hope you all enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday season.



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Welcome to the last regular episode of Global Trance Sessions for 2023.  The first hour of this episode is full of uplifting beats and vocal trance clocking in at a full 140 BPM mixed by yours truly.  In the second hour I’ve got a very special guest that’s stopped by the studios.  INVIRON will be here for an uplifting experience full of his latest tracks that you don’t want to miss. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast feed if...

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November 17, 2023 59 mins

There's a gift box inside this episode for feed subscribers.  Listen to this episode to learn how to access it.

As always Global House Sessions is best listened to on a car stereo or high end system. This episode in particular. Join me for an hour full of that jazzy, underground house vibe and some kick ass beats.  This episode comes with a special gift from me exclusively to all of you who listen to Global House Sessions, and are ...

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November 3, 2023 121 mins

This episode is all about the 138!  All new uplifting, vocal and melodic tracks throughout clocking in at 138 BPMs in this two hour episode.  Our friend DJ Eemzee is back for the third time in hour #2 where he premiers some of his new tracks at the beginning of his amazing upbeat guest set.  This is a great uplifting episode with tons of positive beats.  Great for putting a bounce in your step on your commute, gaming, or in the bac...

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Hand picked by the fans of Global Trance Sessions this episode features a ton of high energy uplifting vocal, and progressive tracks from 2008 when the genre was just starting to come out of the underground and back onto the main stage. This set is 2 .5 hours long, and features the top tracks that came out of the scene in 2008 that I played on GTS throughout that year.

2008 was a peak year for Global Trance Sessions.  The show was ...

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September 15, 2023 63 mins

This episode starts off with some tech house to set the mood, then throws house bomb after house bomb at you with a tremendous amount of recognizable remakes and samples from yesteryear.  This set is a head bopper with quite a few memorable moments masterfully built into this mix. A must listen to for all house heads, and fans.


Track List:

01. Danny Howard, Illyus &...

Mark as Played

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