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April 2, 2024 26 mins

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Dr. Charles Stamitoles is only a few months into his two-year prison sentence for lying to an Escambia County judge. The Pensacola dentist accused of inappropriately touching patients and employees wouldn’t be spending as much time behind bars if he hadn’t. 

Stamitoles was convicted of multiple battery charges including cornering a young woman who worked for him and slapping her backside, kissing her neck, and grabbing her from her behind, leaving her scared and shaken. 

However, it was Stamitoles’ lies to the judge about his trip to Mobile while out on bond that put him behind bars for as long as he is. 

Join us for an update on Stamitoles’ criminal and civil cases in the latest episode of the Gulf Coast Confidential podcast, “That mouth will get you into trouble every time: Dr. Charles Stamitoles.”

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