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March 17, 2021 50 min
Welcome to Health Interrupted! We're your hosts, Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler. We are really excited to bring you today’s episode with Drs. Bita & Shawn Nasseri. That’s right, they are married and both doctors – a true powerhouse couple. Dr. Bita is a medical innovator and a transplant and cardiac trained anesthesiologist. She is highly decorated – she graduated summa cum laude with a medical degree from UCLA’s accelerated Bio-med program. She completed her training and residency at the Mayo Clinic, USC, and UCLA, where she specialized in cardiac, transplant, airway, and outpatient anesthesia. Her extensive education provided the basis for the dedicated care she provides to her patients and led to her role as a trusted medical voice. Dr. Shawn Nasseri, a renowned Harvard and Mayo Clinic trained Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon, otherwise known as ENT to the stars. For over 20 years, some of the most celebrated musical artists and entertainers in the world like Justin Timberlake, Pink, Josh Groban, Kylie Jenner, Seth McFarland and more have entrusted him with their health. Together, they created The Euka Wellness system, a suite of clean, conscious products that protect and boost the immune system helping keep you, and others around you, healthy and protected. The Euka Wellness System includes carefully crafted formulas using blends of extracts and essential oils that bring balanced protection and a soothing aromatherapy into perfect harmony for optimum wellness. Our Sponsors for today’s episode are Z.E.N. FOODS use HEALTH10off for discount and LOMOLIQUE use HEALTH10 for discount at on Sponsor Page! 3:30 Gina & Laura talk about their chronic sinus infections and the link to environmental allergies & food sensitivities 6:20 Laura & Gina welcome Drs Shawn & Bita Nasseri. 6:45 The doctors talk about the three most common health interruptions in their practice and keeping their patients healthy throughout the year. 9:45 Infection starts in the pathway through the nose, social distance allows for LESS of a viral load. 12:40 Dr Shawn talks about HOW/how NOT to clean your nose. 17:03 How health & nutrition are important to the state of your immune system. Vitamin D, B, calcium, magnesium levels. 20:30 How stress damages the immune system. Lack of sleep. 22:21 Gina suggests hugging a tree. Dr Shawn agrees. 23:01 Story behind creation of the Euka Box Get 15% off Euka products with code HEALTH15 go to click on the EUKA link on the Sponsor page. 29:10 how much hand sanitizer is too much and why. 33:00 Gina asks Dr Shawn HOW MUCH of each vitamin/mineral and immune support ingredients SHOULD we be taking? 36:19 Laura asks the DRs what they say to people who are apprehensive about getting the Covid -19 vaccine. 39:00 Dr Shawn talks about reactions to the vaccine and should children get it? 41:15 Dr Shawn describes the difference between the Moderna & Pfizer vaccine type vs. the Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson type and what the vaccines actually do for you. 44:11-47:30 Drs tips on fitness, nutrition, beauty & spiritual. 47:52 Drs give us their Call To Action 48:39 go to click on SPONSORS to find Lomolique. Use code HEALTH10 at checkout for a special discount. Connect with our guests: Instagram: @eukawell @thenasseridoctors Website: Connect with the Hosts of Health Interrupted: Gina Lombardi Laura Kaeppeler Or go to for more information keywords: respiratory wellness nose covid-19 vaccine nutrition wellness health immune system flu
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