Welcome to Healtheology: Where Spirituality Meets Wellness Healtheology is a faith-based & scripture-backed podcast designed for health seekers aiming to bridge the gap between spiritual growth and holistic health. The genesis (see what we did there) of Healtheology is rooted in 3 John 1:2, which says, "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." This inside out approach explores how getting & staying healthy is not about achieving a specific scale weight, jeans size, or macro count...but about Living Life Lit to fulfill God's Purpose for your life. Because here's the truth: - God gave you a specific Purpose. - You need to be healthy & steadfast to achieve it. - The enemy wants you sick, tired, depressed, and defeated. - So you need the Full Armor of God & Health to triumph over evil. The Mission Healtheology Helps Spiritually Curious & Physically Hungry Humans Find Their Way Back To Health Through God. We do this by teaching you how to create a personalized Spiritual Wellness plans using the RPMS of Relational, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health found in Luke 2:52 which says, “Jesus grew in wisdom (mental) and stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual) and men (relational).” Healthy in Body. Strong in Spirit. Well with Soul. Healtheology.


May 10, 2024 38 mins

062. Five Breakthrough Steps to Create Your Health Purpose Plan (so you can STOP falling for the 21-day traps and START living in the body God designed you to live in.

[Be sure to stay til the end for the game-changing bonus: Health Purpose Meditation]

Purpose can get a bad rap. People think it’s too lofty and you should just live your life, live your truth, you do you. But if you can picture people living this wa...

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061. Welcome to the rebranded Inside Out Wellness turned Healtheology podcast!

On this episode, we dig into the BIGGEST MISTAKE nearly EVERY health seeker makes in wellness...and what you should do instead.

We also cover the difference between Spiritual Wellness and Healtheology. 

  • So if you're Spiritually Curious but not that deep into your faith, you're welcome here! 
  • And if you're seeking a Bibl...
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60.  While some diet & fitness programs might teach you that eating only the healthiest, non triggering, and least bloating foods for 30+ days is pretty awesome for your body...

You also likely learned don't want to eat that way every dang day of your life.

So what's a health seeker to do who wants to slim down, tone up, think sharp, and keep going...but not be held to a dreadful & unsustainable ...

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59.  Hey health seeker and welcome back to the Inside Out Wellness Podcast where we’re all about the fact that 2 different people approach the same exact diet or fitness program in 2 totally different ways.

Today’s episode offers a sneak peak into the 5-day Crack Your Consistency Code health challenge we hosted this week.

Now, the mission of WholeHardy Health, LLC is to save disappointed dieters and help them beco...

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058. Stop making this biggest eating habit mistake. 

What's the mistake? Not acknowledging how your personality impacts your eating patterns.

What does that mean? Instead of leveraging the superpowers of your personality, you're letting your antihero take control and reverse all of your health efforts.

How do you fix it? Listen to our 3-part series called "Tips For Your Type: Optimal Eating Habits a...

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057. Your inherent character eats in certain ways.

And learning how you eat now and what's actually best for your personality will unlock optimal freedom in your get-healthy action plan for life.

So we're kicking off a 3-part series called "Eat For Your Enneagram Type: Optimal Food Choices & Eating Habits Specific To Your Personality."

Part 1: Eating in the Gut/Anger Triad
• Type 8: Chal...

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056. Personality Wellness 101: Your inherent character eats in certain ways.

Learning how you eat now and what's best for your Type will unlock optimal freedom in your get-health action plan for life.

So we're kicking off a 3-part series called - Eat For Your Enneagram Type: Optimal Food Choices & Eating Habits Specific To Your Personality

Part 1: Eating in the Gut/Anger Triad

• Type 8: Chall...

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055. If you do it right, working remote is the most powerful asset for your health.

But the truth is, most people have no idea how to leverage it for their wellbeing.

Today you're getting 4 Work Remote Health Hacks, each jam-packed full of detail and suggestions.


As you hear me repeatedly say: 2 different people approach the same exact health plan in 2 totally d...

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054. Everyone has one core vice that sabotages their health efforts.

These "sins" are fixations that drive your behavior. And if you're trying to take healthier action, you need to learn what this habit is and recognize how often you give it power.

Today, we’re getting a little cringe.

We're digging into the vices, temptations, or sins of each Enneagram number and how the source of these habits can comple...

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053. 100 days ago, I stopped drinking alcohol.

It's part of a yearlong personal health experiment I'm calling #BoozeFree23.

Last week, during my first ever non-alcoholic spring break, I reflected on the biggest insights I've uncovered over the past 100 days. 

And today, I dish 'em all out.

Like weekly reminders to help you stick to YOUR personal wellness goals?

Then you'll love the Self Healt...

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052. Ever think "helping" could be a toxic trait?

If you're sacrificing your own health and generating anxiety over aiming to please, worse than toxic, it can be deadly.

Enneagram Type 2 (aka "The Helper") is a personality type that often falls into the People-Pleasing category. They love to love, and more importantly, to be loved.

While kindness wins in this world, the motivations behind it can caus...

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051. When it comes to wellness & weight loss, everyone and their mom has an opinion on what works. But too many of these theories and assumptions are actually health lies in disguise.

To help you navigate, start by avoiding these 5 health lies so you can stay focused, act smart, and work better.

Resources in today's episode:

Free Weekly Newsletter: Self Health

Book: Sugar, Salt, Fat: How the Foo...

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050. After 50 episodes of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast and reviewing the analytics, I've learned what health seekers need help with most.

Today I give the top 3 downloaded topics with brief outlines and episode numbers.

Join 1,300+ subscribers getting one personality-based wellness tip every Wednesday in the Self Health Weekly Newsletter:

Episodes referenced in this show: <...

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049. In order to create a healthier body, you must first create a healthier mind. And for Enneagram 3 Achievers, that can mean a big shift.

Being “the best” at any one thing is a scam. And with work & wellness specifically, it can become an internal attack of comparisonitis for Enneagram 3 Achiever/Performers. 

Nevertheless, for our leader overachievers, it’s be the best or bust. And there ain't nuthin wrong with those striv...

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048. Two different people approach the same health plan in two different ways.

That's why the Inside Out Wellness Podcast and Self Health weekly newsletter give you guidance on personality-based wellness. Not the one-size-fits-all stuff.

Delivered Wednesdays ... when that #MondayMotivation starts to fizzle.

This week's focus:
Wellness for Perfectionists: 5 Tips for Enneagram 1s To Stick to ...

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February 8, 2023 18 mins

047. Sober curious is more than just a movement. It just might save your life. Today we discuss the scary side of light-to-moderate drinking.

If you're like the millions of Americans questioning how alcohol effects your body,  you're in the right place. This week's Wednesday Wellness Wisdom digs into it.

Specifically: 5 Ways Booze Destroys Your Health (And Makes You Less Productive) 

We're touch...

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046.  Over the past 30 years of researching and experimenting with wellness plus 4 years as a certified wellness coach and fitness instructor, this is the single most important lesson I've learned about consistency:

It is primarily based on your personality.

Today's episode explains why PLUS gives you a 5-step framework for building your customizing your Enneagram Type your Personal Wellness System.

Let's gooo...

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045.  Becoming your healthiest isn't about being given a magical unicorn diet and fitness plan. It's about knowing the motivations behind your behaviors.

That's why I'm so obsessed with the Enneagram—an ancient personality type system with uncanny accuracy in describing how humans are wired.

Sure, go commit to another September Whole30 or 21 Day Fix, but when you only last 10 days (or shucks, even just 4 hours) yo...

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August 7, 2022 16 mins

44. We're starting a new weekly series here at WholeHardy Health called "This Week's Wellness."

Every Sunday, Katie will be going live on Instagram and Facebook to discuss 3 things:

1. Workouts for the week ahead
2. Dinners for the week ahead
3. Wellness wisdom from the week prior

If you join live, you'll get to ask your questions and share what works for you for planning...

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043. As the holidays are upon us, this week's episode is dedicated to booze & bloat ... because I notice firsthand that when I booze ... I bloat.

We detail out 4 ways that booze effects your body:

Surface Level:

  • Your Looks
  • Your Weight

Deeper Level:

  • Your Brain
  • Your Stomach

Note: This isn't a PSA to stop drinking. This is a PSA to help you think through what makes you feel awesome, and...

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