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March 21, 2024 36 mins

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Jodi Scott, an advocate for plant-based living and holistic healing, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, with a master's degree in health psychology and expertise in psychoneuroimmunology. Jodi's perspective on plant-based living and holistic healing is deeply rooted in her belief in the power of plants and alternative medicine to support and heal the mind and body.


She emphasizes the importance of clean and sustainable products and believes that natural remedies can be just as effective, if not more so, than traditional medicine. Scott emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in maintaining overall health and well-being. She believes a holistic approach to self-care is essential, especially during life transitions such as menopause.




(00:01:05) The Power of Holistic Healing and Plant-Based Medicine

(00:04:07) Superior Plant-Based First Aid Solutions

(00:08:41) Holistic Herbal Solutions for Menopause Symptoms

(00:14:16) Bridging the Gap: Integrating Traditional and Alternative Medicine

(00:20:42) Potential Risks of Herb-Drug Interactions

(00:30:43) Embracing Mindfulness for Emotional Well-being and Health


About Our Guest


Jodi Scott, CEO and Founder of Green Goo, is a seasoned visionary in Health & Wellness with over two decades of experience. Armed with a Master's degree in Health Psychology and a background in pre-med, she specializes in Psychoneuroimmunology, exploring the mind-body connection and the power of medicinal plants.


Under her leadership, Sierra Sage Herbs has thrived, birthing multiple renowned brands, including Green Goo First Aid, Southern Butter intimates, and the innovative Good Goo CBD line. Their mission centers on plant-based product development, guided by a unique full-spectrum lipid extraction process.


Jodi Scott's pioneering spirit is propelling the Health & Wellness industry toward a holistic future, marked by passion, innovation, and global impact.


Learn more about her work in the following channels:





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  • Are you struggling with hot flashes or any of the 100 perimenopause symptoms? Take the 28-Day Hot Flash Free Scorecard Challenge and manage your symptoms.  You will get tips on how to navigate the menopause journey!








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