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April 11, 2024 32 mins

Get ready for an exciting episode as we uncover the remarkable journey of Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas, an accomplished obstetrician-gynecologist and menopause advocate. Her personal encounter with menopause sparked a passion for challenging misconceptions and offering practical insights, resulting in her becoming a champion for women's health during midlife.


Her seminal work, "The Menopause Myth," is a testament to her commitment to debunking myths and providing invaluable strategies for navigating menopause with confidence and vitality. Join us as we explore how Dr. Arianna is reshaping the narrative around menopause, empowering women to embrace this crucial stage of life with renewed vigor.


Tune in to discover how Dr. Arianna is leading the charge!




(00:04:18) Debunking Menopause Misconceptions and Empowering Women

(00:11:30) Estrogen's Multi-Faceted Health Benefits

(00:16:15) Customized Hormone Formulations for Individualized Treatment

(00:23:15) Safe and Effective Hormone Replacement Options

(00:27:15) Maintaining Sexual Health During Perimenopause

(00:28:49) Cultural Variations in Menopausal Symptoms and Treatment


About Our Guest


Dr. Arianna has spent her entire medical career uplifting women to live their best, most juicy lives. She is a self-proclaimed menopause revolutionist, speaker, and personal coach specializing in supporting business women entering their midlife transition. Her own personal journey into menopause caused her to take a deep dive into understanding this experience. After recognizing the gap of knowledge she as well as most of her patients had, she authored the book “The Menopause Myth: What your mother, doctor, and friends haven’t shared with you about life after 35“. Dr. Arianna is double boarded in obstetrics/gynecology and maternal fetal medicine. She is the visionary, founder, and medical director of Tula Wellness and Aesthetics, a wellness center focusing on women’s health, intimate wellness, weight loss, and aesthetics. She has won several awards in recognition of her work in this area including first place in the Outstanding Women’s Health category and 2020’s Business Owner of the Year by Inside Tucson Business, as well as Southern Arizona’s Woman of Impact Award. She is the host of Stay Juicy Podcast, a new podcast created to give women a REAL platform to speak the truth about their midlife journey. Dr. A lives in Tucson Arizona with her husband and two adult children.


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