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April 18, 2024 36 mins

Are you struggling to balance personal growth with professional success in the face of rapid change as a midlife female leader? In today’s episode, we shine a spotlight on Mel Ross's transformative strategies tailored specifically for women like you.


Mel specializes in guiding midlife leaders through the unique challenges and opportunities of this pivotal stage in their careers and lives. Join us as we delve into Mel's holistic approach, which integrates scientific principles with ancient wisdom to empower midlife leaders. From attention management and mindfulness to self-care and boundary setting, you will discover actionable insights to navigate this transformative journey with confidence and clarity.




(00:00:19) Energetics and Self-Mastery for Midlife Leaders

(00:06:29) Clearing Mental Clutter Through Mindfulness Practice

(00:20:48) Embracing Repetition for Productivity and Well-being

(00:22:33) Navigating Burnout and Productivity with Positivity

(00:31:16) Harnessing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Growth

(00:34:33) Embracing Powerful Positivity for Self-Enhancement


About Our Guest


Mel Ross is a leader in Modern Mindset shift, humanising transformation, and Time-Energy-Attention Mastery. Four years ago she found herself at break point, working nearly 80 hours each week, becoming more and more stressed and driven by time, unable to manage energy and increasingly finding focus difficult to achieve. This was the beginning of her journey towards mastering all three elements – proving that any leader, at any time can do more with less. She is CEO of Adapt2Digital dedicated to helping leaders and organisations master Time, Energy and Attention to lead happier, fulfilling lives. She works with leaders across government and private enterprise as well as having a specific focus on midlife female leaders. Her mission: TEA mastery is everyone’s right.


Learn more about her work in the following channels:




Additional Resources

  • Mel’s Morning & Evening Routine:  These routines have been proven effective and have been used by her clients’ time and time again. If you're looking to establish a routine that works and supports your goals, these resources are a must-have. 

Check out my limited series podcast "Christian Women and Menopause" for Bible-based strategies on dealing with menopause symptoms like stress, anxiety, and depression. 


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