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September 5, 2022 26 mins

How do institutions thrive during a period of drastic change and transformation across an evolving higher education landscape? For Rosedale Technical College (Rosedale Tech), it stems from their commitment to being student-centered.  

Rosedale Tech’s President, Dennis Wilke, joins us in this fiscal resiliency episode to share how the institution’s unique value proposition allows them to better understand their students’ needs, grow a diverse student population and amplify relationships with employers to form workforce development partnerships that create endless possibilities for the entire community. Plus, he explains how his institution’s values-based focus and unique strategies have improved institutional and student outcomes despite the industry’s many challenges.  

Listen for the key drivers that enabled Rosedale Tech to achieve record enrollment during the peak of the pandemic and their approaches that go beyond conventional wisdom to prepare students for the workforce and holistic success.

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