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December 5, 2023 157 mins

The HPP gang returns after the Thanksgiving break and opens up a new chapter in the College Hoops Notebook, which includes analysis of the impact of a healthy Bronny James and various roster updates.  Drew Barton, Rich Harris, and Caleb Slaton also present the latest Draft Stock Report and make their Picks of the Week.  Plus, Rutgers’ star big man Cliff Omoruyi joins the show to discuss his game and the Scarlet Knights. 

Last season, Omoruyi was an All-Big Ten selection and a Big Ten All-Defense selection, averaging 13.2 PPG and ranking in the top 3 of the conference for RPG (9.6), BPG (2.1), and defensive rating (88.6).  Cliff also ranked 6th in the country with 75 dunks.  Named to the 2023-24 Naismith Trophy Preseason Watch List, he is currently averaging 11.0 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 3.4 blocks per game. 


1.  Week 4-5 College Hoops Notebook (11:15)

  • The impact of Bronny James joining the USC Trojans on the court
  • The latest decisions from the NCAA on 2-time transfers
  • Injury Updates
  • Memphis' Mikey Williams pleads guilty to lesser charge in gun case.
  • Reviewing the recent big matchups and major upsets
  • Best team in the country: Baylor, Houston, Kansas, UConn, Marquette, Purdue, Arizona, Kentucky, UNC, or someone else?
  • Which upstarts are for real and could do damage in March: Clemson, Oklahoma, BYU, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Colorado State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, JMU, or someone else?
  • Which team has disappointed the most, falling short of its preseason expectations: Duke, Tennessee, Michigan State, Maryland, Xavier, VCU, or another squad?
  • Should Stanford fire Jerod Haase right now to save the Cardinal season?
  • Recruiting Updates

2.  Stock Report (1:23:36)

  • Who is Hot 
    • Carlton Carrington (Pitt) 
    • Malik Mack (Harvard)
    • Ryan Dunn (Virginia) 
    • Tristen Newton (UConn) 
  • Who is Cold
    • Ryan Nembhard (Gonzaga)
    • AJ Hoggard (Michigan State)
    • Hakim Hart (Villanova) 
    • Santiago Vescovi (Tennessee) 

3.  Cliff Omoruyi Interview (1:57:14)

4.  Picks of the Week (2:14:00)

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