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March 1, 2024 72 mins

This week on iamGEEK we learn more about Leap Day and why it's the most interesting day ever. Other topics include pregnant piñatas, Madame Web, Comicpalooza, The Willy Wonka Experience, and our friend Derek's new channel about Disney and travel -- Let's Be Frank! We think he should have gone with the title we came up with...You'll just have to listen/watch to find out what it is!

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This week on iamGEEK we welcome Carrie and Jonathan to talk about their project -- Halcyon Daze: The Final Voyages of Disney's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser. This documentary feature film is currently in production and it follows one passenger's journey from casual fan to full on obsession with this immersive experience from Disney!  Hear about their experience on the Starcruiser and how it impacted their lives so much that they d...

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February 9, 2024 54 mins

#290 This week on iamGEEK we discuss the latest news from Universal Studios about their new theme park in Orlando, FL-- Epic Universe! There's a lot of details that we don't know, but what we have seen so far looks pretty amazing.

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Also, be sure to check out our other show, Living with the Landspeeder, where we Starwarsify Disney attractions!

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This week on iamGEEK we review Season 2 of Marvel What If... and we talk about Aliens going to the Bayside Mall in Miami, Florida! We break down each episode and talk about our favorite moments. Will this connect back to other Marvel shows on Disney+ or other Marvel Movies?

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December 29, 2023 67 mins

#288 We talk about our top 3 and bottom 3 movies of 2023 that we saw either in the theater or at home on a streaming service.  At the beginning of the year we each had our own bingo cards to track the movies we saw and we reveal who won!   Find out where some of the top films like Barbie, Super Mario Brothers, Spiderverse, Godzilla, Little Mermaid and others landed in our lists!

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December 15, 2023 48 mins

#287 This week on iamGEEK we continue our GEEKMas celebration and dive into the Home Alone movie franchise. Whether it's the Sticky Bandits or the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv go through a lot of pain as they are subjected to some pretty fierce booby traps. Kevin shows no mercy and we break down each trap to decide which of the punishments is the most painful or even deadly.

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December 1, 2023 78 mins

This week on iamGEEK we begin our celebration of GEEKmas as we each describe a dream dinner menu that would be perfect for the holidays. The task is simple: Select your type of water, bread, starter/appetizer, main course, side dish, drink and dessert while dining in the location of your choice.   However, it's not just about the food--it's about the stories that go with them!  Join on this journey of cuisine and tell us on social ...

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#285 Ray Chase joins us as we recap Season 2 of Loki on Disney Plus! We talk about everything that happened in this series, and we do our best to make sense of it all.  One of the best parts about this show has been its characters, so we took a dive into what made them so great.        

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October 20, 2023 47 mins

#284 This week Skelehost us joins once again to celebrate HallowGEEK! We discuss our favorite Halloween movies and other seasonal treats such as candy corn--everyone's favorite snack.  Ryan has a quiz for us to find out who knows their scary movie trivia and who needs to do review the classics. 

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#283 Derek Frank and Ray Chase join us as we wrap up the final 2 episodes of Ahsoka Season one on Disney Plus. In true Star Wars fashion, we kept the balance in the force as some expressed their love for the show while others felt there were too many holes for people who haven't watched Clone Wars or Rebels.  Could this story be leading to Heir to the Empire? You won't want to miss this discussion as we break it all down for you!  


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September 15, 2023 44 mins

#282 This week on the podcast, we dove into episodes 4 and 5 of Ahsoka on Disney+!  There's so much that happened in these episodes that may leave folks confused if they haven't watched any of the Star Wars animated series--Clone Wars and Rebels, specifically.  Should they have done more to set it up for the casual fan or is this the payoff for everyone who has put in the time?   Either way, we all agree this series has been great ...

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September 1, 2023 52 mins

#281 SPOILERS AHEAD! Join us for this new episode as we talk about the first 3 episodes of the new Disney+ series, Ahsoka.  Where did these Space Whales come from?  Who is Ezra? And why is there always a map in these stories?

We start off by giving a quick history of Star Wars Rebels and the background of the main characters.  So if you've been watching Ahsoka and you're not sure who's who, or you forgot what happened, then this is...

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#280 We're back for another episode of iamGEEK to review the 2023 Disney film Haunted Mansion!  SPOILERS ahead in this episode as we break down the plot, the characters and all the easter eggs in this fun summer movie that could have done better if it were release near Halloween.  Was it a flop or a success? 

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August 4, 2023 52 mins

#279  We wrap up our coverage of the Disney plus series Marvel Secret Invasion as the show is brought to a close.  Our friend Ray Chase joins us to give us his theories and opinions of the show and we theorize what could happen next in the MCU.  Nick Fury's story will continue in the Marvels but what will happen to the Skrulls?  We're left with a lot of unanswered questions and some inconsistencies.  

Stick around till the end of t...

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#278 We review episodes 4 and 5 of Secret Invasion on Disney Plus! The series is coming to an end and we learn more about what the Skrulls are after and wonder who isn't Skrull. Why does The Harvest exist and what do they plan to do with it? The people you thought you could trust are no longer people you can trust and Nick Fury decides he can fix this without the help of the Avengers.....for some reason.

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#277 Spoilers ahead! We continue our talks about Marvel's Secret Invasion series on Disney Plus and share more theories about the show.  Which main character(s) might be a Skrull?  Secrets were revealed in episodes 2 and 3 that might lead to a reveal to shake up the MCU! A Super Skrull is coming, so we pick the super powers from the MCU that we'd like to have.  Unfortunately, we find out that one of our very own is secretly a super...

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June 23, 2023 45 mins

#276 Join us, Ryan, Chris and Catron, as we review the first episode of the new Disney+ Marvel series, Secret Invasion!   We do our best to predict which characters are real and which ones are Skrulls.  What impact will this have in the MCU and will we see any Avengers?   We also check in on our 2023 Movie Bingo cards to see who might be the first to see the most new releases since March get BINGO!  

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May 31, 2023 60 mins

#275 Ryan, Catron and Chris are back with a vengeance!  In this episode we cover a list of things you'll only find on iamGEEK.  First, we recap Comicpalooza 2023 in Houston, Texas.  From there we talk about Ryan's recent quick trip to Disney, Indiana Jones coming to Disney Plus and we finally give our thoughts on Antman and Wasp: Quantumania!  You'll find out what it means to "feel up" a lego mini-fig surprise bag and what actually...

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#274 Ryan, Catron and Chris welcome their friend and animator Bryon Caldwell to talk about his work on the Sith episode of Star Wars Visions on Disney+!   Hear about his inspirations for some of the shots he worked on and also what it was like working with the team remotely.   

We also talked about some of his other works including Read Player One!  You can check out the full list of his work on IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3...

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#273 Catron and Chris are back to talk about May the 4th releases, sales and drops along with new Star Wars content on Disney Plus -- Visions 2, Star Wars Young Jedis and the Simpsons Rogue Not Quite One.  Ryan is busy winning Sabaac tournaments on the Halcyon, so we took this advantage to discuss this season of Battlebots Championship 7.   This season brought a bunch of new robots and new rules.  It also brought back old favorites...

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