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November 2, 2023 8 mins
Orlando Mix from iHeartRadio Atlanta had an insightful chat with Sheriff Keybo Taylor from The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office in a recent podcast episode. The heartwarming takeaway? An invitation to all of Gwinnett County and its neighboring areas!Join us for the 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Food Giveaway hosted at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. Here's what you can expect:
  • 🍎 12,000 pounds of fresh produce
  • 📦 4,000 boxes of dry goods
  • 🥩 4,000 pounds of protein
  • 🍗 1,500 turkeys
  • 🍖 500 hams
  • 🥘 2,000 roasters
That's enough to serve a whopping 4,000 families!📍 Location: 2405 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County Fairgrounds 📅 Date: Thursday, November 9th ⏰ Time: 11:00AM to 4:00PMDon't miss out on this remarkable community event! Together, let's ensure no family goes without a feast this Thanksgiving. Spread the word! 🦃🍂🥖And don't forget to tune into this insightful episode, available for free on the #iHeartRADIO app.
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No, no, I don't knowabout I hit Stay always said she had
that for our sister station Power ninetysix to one, for our country station
ninety four point nine to Bowl,and for our hip hop station one O
five three The Beat Orlando mixed withyou from iHeartRadio. And I'm super happy
because I got into studios been alike he said, it feels like it
was yesterday, but I haven't seenthem in a little bit. Also,

so happy to have them again inour studios. Sheriff Keebo Taylor from the
Gwenec County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff,how are you, man? I am
doing great, Momn how are youdoing? I wish I was doing better.
I wish I was doing better.I had a little flat tire coming
into the office this morning, butnothing a little roadside assistant can't do to
fix it. I could have doneit, but I wasn't trying to deal
with all that. Absolutely, butwe're talking about more important things today.

Man, super happy about this,uh, this this event that last year
I was there so little, alittle sprinkly. Let's just say that,
right, Sheriff, So a littlesprinkly. The weather was wasn't too our
favor, but that didn't matter because, man, how many families came through
this event. You know that Ialways look forward because it's something about giving.
You know, we do the backto school that you know, you

go all in with that one.The weather's always nice and hot. But
this one, you know, thisone touches home because it's a very nostalgic
time of the year, right whenwhen Christmas is getting closed, Thanksgiving and
you know you're doing your third annualThanksgiving food giveaway. Let's talk about that,
man, because this is something thatI know. It takes a long
time to plan it together and thelogistics behind them getting those cards in and

out. Man, good times.Let me tell you what, man,
Let me first of all give ashout out to my staff that does a
great job for this. You know, basically all I do is come in
with an idea or a concept,and they're the ones that put it into
reality for us. When we firststarted this, you know, when I
came in, I came in duringthe middle of COVID, right, and

we understood at that time that therewere a lot of people out here that
had food insecurities. And I meanthese insecurities a year round we came up
with the idea of doing a fooddrive ord on the holidays just try to
you know, partnership in and youknow, just try to alleviate take a
little stress off of folks that aredoing the holidays. Our partners has been

fantastic. Each year this project grows, they come in more, more people
are you know, getting on boardmore the corporate sponsors and local sponsors.
Folks is coming in and providing morefood each and every year. So even
though we're not in COVID, thatdoesn't mean that there's still not some food
and securities that are out there andwe're just trying to do our part.

Sheriff talk about this twelve thousand poundsof fresh produce, man, Like,
I just think of that number.Man, What does that look like physically
when you're looking at twelve thousand pounds? What is that big old tractor trailer
where we looking at look like acouple of tractor trailers with blessings on them.
How about that right there? Man? I love it. Yeah,
you're talking twelve thousand pounds of freshproduce. You know, you guys hook

up and bless four thousand families.Man, that's a lot of families to
bless man. Just we're trying todo our part. That's that's that's what
it's all about, man, AndI'm I'm happy to be able to be
there again this year. This isa great opportunity for you know. We
was talking to my staff members.We had a meeting yesterday. I'm like,
Man, if there's any other eventthat I need you guys to go

to wrap up the year, isthis? Is this? You know,
food drive because you'll be able tosee, you know how these families look
so happy to be able to pullinto a a little drive in thing,
you know, and you just seethe different departments, a sheriff's office,
just open up your trunk and boomload you up with all the stuff and
then you're on your way out andyou have something really good to to have,
you know, a nice little feastfor for Thanksgiving. How did this

come about? Man? Because Iknow you you've been talking about the different
activities you do throughout the throughout thecity and and throughout the county. But
you know, when you see whenyou see these families, are we seeing
like Hispanic families? Are we seeingyou know, African American families? What
do we see as a ratio.Is it? Is it pretty divided?
Is it pretty even? What doyou see out there? I can give

you a ratio, I mean thatmuch. I don't know, but I
can tell you Gwennet County is it'sa melting pot of different cultures. I
think it's somewhere last count maybe betweenone hundred and fifty and two hundred different
cultures that you know is represented herein Gwenett County. So I couldn't tell
you who or what. The onlything I can tell you is is that

when we came into this Shriff's office, we were committed to be in the
shaff for everybody. It doesn't matterif you're Hispanic. It didn't matter if
you're black, it doesn't matter ifyou're white, whatever your culture is,
whatever your race is. You know, we are the shriffs for the Sheriff's
office for everybody. And then withthat, we don't you know, it
doesn't matter who you are. Youknow, if you feel like you know,

you got the need to come byand you know, grab food,
you know, for you and yourfamily, we welcome you there. It
didn't cost anything, you know,no judgment, none of that. Just
come on out and then you know, at the end of the day,
have a blessed holiday. That's whatit's all about. Man. Third annual
Thanksgiving food Giveaway. This is notthis Thursday. The following Thursday, November

ninth, from eleven am to fourpm, twenty four h five, sugar
Loaf Parkway, Lawrenceville. I lovethe Winnet County Fairgrounds because there's so much,
so much happening, you know,so much magic that happens out of
that place. So back to schoolthis was crazy. This back you know,
back to school was something that Ireally really enjoyed a lot. The
weather was hot, but that ain'tmatter. Man. That had people they

were waiting on them. Tablets.Man, those tablets are I think that's
the key thing at the at theat the at the back to school.
Every time that it's time to dothose those raffles for those for those tablets,
those notebooks. Man, people gonuts about it. And you know
this is this is for the familycoming up now in November. You know
we're starting the months fresh off andwith good stuff happening. Anybody in particularly

you want to think from your sponsorsthat you could remember off. We're going
to provide a list of the sponsors, you know, and if you get
a chance an opportunity to please dothat my favorite shout them out. I
don't want to start naming all sponsorsand then somebody get upsetting me because that
shout out. But let me justsay, no matter what they do,
okay, how big or how small, I am very appreciative of each and

every one of them, and Ihope that they get the same you know,
sense of fulfillment that I get bydoing this. You know, when
you give, you get back,and you know, we might not see
how we get back at that particularpoint in time, but it always work
out in our favor. That's it. That's all. It's you know,
I get really excited about this oneman, and I'm I'll be there.

You know, I've been there forthe past three years, and I'll keep
and continuing to visit these different activitiesthat you do, Sheriff, because it's
it's nice man. I know,you did the whole football thing at the
at the high school obviously, theback to school now, the Thanksgiving and
there's a lot a lot of coolstuff happening with with the sheriffs. I
heard you're also involved with the veteranstuff that I hold that dear to me.

Also have the opportunity to talk tothe council or chairwoman that she you
know, she kind of spoke.I don't have to say this, man,
I have to say it in frontof you, but you know,
she spoke very highly of you,that she appreciates you being so involved with
the veterans and what they're doing.Also with that, so you know a
lot of cool things, a lotof tie ins and stuff that is happening
within the Gwenett County Sheriff's office inGwenet County, and that's really nice,

man, to be able to see. I just wanted to thank you in
person. You know, my momand my dad being veterans, it's nice
to see that somebody took the timeto see what the need is and having
the position that she has to beable to put that together. You know,
it's really nice. Thank you heron that. Thank you well,
Sheriff. I don't want to keepyou long. I know you got a
busy schedule today, but again,you know, the invitation is there for

everybody. If you're listening to uson the podcast, if you're listening to
us on our Stations, the IeheartStations third annual Thanksgiving food Giveaway. It's
this Thursday, November ninth. Okay, so check it out November ninth,
eleven am to four pm at theGwenett County Fairgrounds. Again, four thousand
families to serve. That's what weexpect people to. You know, this
starts at exactly eleven. I'm guessingaround ten am that parking lot is gonna

be full like it's been for thepast couple of years, you know,
and it's gonna be a good time. Hey, there's one person. Do
want to give a quick shout outto Bill Atkins. He is the director
of the Gwyneth County Fairgrounds, andI just want to say thank you.
I cannot say thank you enough becauseanytime that we have events, you know,
he's been need the space. He'syeah, he's been Johnny on the

spot for us. And I've knownhim ever since I was in high school.
His daughter was a cheerleader for mewhen I was playing football in high
school. So I just want togive him a quick shout out. You
got it well, Thank you somuch, Sheriff for stopping by again.
We'll have the information on our podcastalso to get clicking and see everything that
Thenett County Sheriff's office is also doingtogether with his whole team. But again,

Sheriff thanks a lot for stopping bythe iHeart Studios. My man,
thank got it you too,
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