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November 2, 2023 โ€ข 8 mins
In a fresh episode of his renowned podcast, Orlando Mix from iHeartRadio Atlanta sits down with Gwinnett County Chairwoman, Nicole Love Hendrickson. Their conversation centers around an important community call-to-action. Gwinnett County, in collaboration with a medley of local, state, and federal partners, is all set to host its very first Stand Down event!Event Details:
  • Date: Saturday, November 4
  • Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Location: Gwinnett Veteran and Family Services Center, 567 Swanson Drive, Lawrenceville.
This event is absolutely free, aiming to provide pivotal resources and support for our veterans and their families.Registration: To ensure a smooth experience, attendees are encouraged to register in advance at a Ride? We've Got You Covered! ๐ŸšŒ For veterans and their families in need of transportation to the event, shuttle services are being provided:
  • Running Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm
  • Pick-Up Points:
    • OneStop Norcross: 5030 Georgia Belle Court, Norcross
    • Lawrenceville Senior Center: 225 Benson Street, Lawrenceville
Join Orlando and Chairwoman Hendrickson in amplifying this significant event, and let's rally behind our veterans and their families! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
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Hey, Hey, what's going on. It's Orlando mixed with iHeartRadio here in
Atlanta and super happy because today we'regonna be talking about you know, a
couple events things that are happening inGwennette County. As you guys know iHeartMedia
all the stations that we have herefrom Z one O five seven or Patron
one O five three to B.We're always involved with the community. And

you know something we love doing,especially in Gwenett County that there's you know,
so many things happening in that cityand we want to talk with someone
that's got some really good information andobviously talking to us also about a standdown,
but without any further ado, wegot a great conversation. We're gonna
start today. Why because you know, it's important to keep all this from

veterans to all the different celebrations.You know, you got Thanksgiving coming up
and all this, but it's importantto talk about the veterans also. And
I hold that dear to my hearttoo, having had you know, my
parents be veterans from you know,one of the armed forces here in the
States. But we're gonna talk withChairwoman Nicole Henderson, Nicole how are you.
I'm good. How are you,Orlando, I'm good, I'm good.

You know, having a great timestarting the week out with good information
and you know, just a littlemore interesting of knowing, you know and
letting the community know about this standdownevent. What's it about? You know,
what's expected? And you know,can we talk a little bit more
about that? Oh? Absolutely,So. As you know, Veterans Day
is coming up on November eleventh,and we are always about giving back to

our veterans. We support them.We're a Purple Heart county. We host
a number of events throughout the yearto celebrate veterans in their service not only
to our country, but also herelocally. And so for the first time
ever, we're actually going to bepouring into our veterans who are experiencing homelessness
and other type of challenges. Andwe're hosting the first ever standdown event.

And the term stand down is actuallya military term that originally refers to a
temporary break from combat during which soldierscould rest, receive supplies, and address
their immediate needs. And so inreference to our event, we've opened up
our first inaugural stand doown event,which will actually cater to all veterans and
active service members including their families,with an emphasis on those who are struggling

at our community. And so we'llbe hosting a stand doown event this Saturday
for veterans as an opportunity to providea range of support services and resources to
homeless and aversk veterans. And we'rereally excited about that. No, I'm
super excited too, you know again, you know, my dad and my
mom veterans of the US Army andsuper happy to be part of this and

to be able to promote this throughoutour different radio stations. You know,
I know this is happening this Saturday. It's you know, like you mentioned,
a free event. It's at theGwenette Veterans and Family Service Center.
Correct that five sixty seven Swans anddriving Lawrenceville. You know, do do
anybody you know from the families thatare listening, or parents or you know
kids of veterans, you know,do they need to sign up or register

for this free event? How doesthat work? Yeah, this is a
completely free event and anyone you canattend and you can register online or you
can just show up. We're notgoing to turn anyone away. But essentially
It's going to be a resource fairthat is going to happen from ten am
to two pm on Saturday at ourVeterans Resource Center, and it's going to

host booths, so there's going tobe vendor booths who organizations will set up
and provide information and distribute resources.There will be workshops and trainings and interactive
sessions addressing topics like job readiness,mental health, substance abuse. There'll be
health and wellness checks so people canget wellness screenings, check oups for dental
care. There'll be haircuts for menstyles for women. Will also be offering

vaccinations for both COVID and flu.So, you know, we got to
make sure our veterans are well takencare absolutely absolutely. And Chairwoman Nicole also,
I know that you know for thefamilies of veterans you know who need
transportation, I know there's a shuttlesystem also that's going to be helping these
families out right with one stop moreacross. Is that correct? That is

correct? So if anyone is strugglingwith transportation, we will be doing pickups
starting at nine thirty at the onestop Norcross and they can catch a shuttle
service at that site. All theway up until two thirty and we'll be
offering round trips because we want tomake sure that people have an opportunity to
access this service and we don't wantanyone to not be able to come because

of their inability to get there.So we are picking up them at the
one stop Norcross and the one stopLawrence the location, so we have two
locations where we'll be picking people upthat want to attend the event. That
is awesome and chair one also,you know this is this is the first
one, right, this is thenod rule one that you guys are doing.
You know what what got you guysinto into putting something this close together?

Was this the community you know reachingout to you directly or how did
this all come about? If youcould, you know, elaborate a little
more on that. Absolutely and soand I heard you say that you are
a product of veterans. I amalso the daughter of a veteran. My
dad served the military, he servedin the Army, and I've always wanted
a way to give back to thecommunity. And you know, there's a
myriad of events that take place allover to recognize veterans, and I wanted

to do something unique given my passionfor homelessness, and the county is already
a county that supports its veterans.You know, we do Purple Heart initiaives,
we do Veterans Day celebrations, wehost Women's Veterans Brunch. But oftentimes
the veterans who are struggling with homelessnessand mental health crisis are often forgotten about.

And so this is really our wayto give back to those who have
served and let them know that youare not forgotten about. We are here
for you as well. And sothis event is the first of its kind
and we hope to be able todo this annually to give back to those
who have struggled, you know,once they have come back from service,
and to let them know that theircommunity and their leadership and their county government

is here to serve them just asthey have served us. So again,
there will be a number of servicesthat will be available at this event,
and I forgot to mention there willbe food. So we'll be providing food.
We have our Sheriff's office will beon hand. They'll be grilling some
food outside, We'll have a DJwe'll have fun activities for the kids.

So it really is a family eventand we want everyone to feel invited and
welcome and talk to me a littlebit about obviously you guys are all together
in the county. But you know, just I always I always give accolades
and I'm always shouting out you knowKeybo, you know Sheriff Keebo Taylor and
his whole entire army over there,because honestly, man, they they represent
and they're everywhere, and that's soawesome to hear that they're going to be

involved, you know, helping,you know, you guys out with this.
This is this great and they're greaton the grill by the way,
Oh yes they are. Sheriff KeyboardTaylor is an amazing partner. He always
steps up, especially when it comesto veterans, especially when it comes to
serving the community. And I'm lookingforward to some good grilled food. Absolutely
well, chairwoman, thank you somuch for you know, letting, letting

our community obviously listening to us onthe different stations. This also be posted
on our iHeart podcasts here locally forall our stations. You know, thanks
again for what you do in yourcounty and then what you do for your
community, especially talking about veterans,which sometimes I feel like, you know,
we hear, like you say,all these events happening, but are
we truly doing something that's really reallybenefiting them? And I think this is

this is a start to something reallyreally big and major, you know,
for years to come, and Idefinitely want, I want to be involved
because it's it's something that we don'tsee as often. But you know,
seeing how many people are you know, are struggling with with with resources after
they've served, you know, overseasand abroad, it's just it's really sad
to see. But I'm glad thatfinally, you know, there's somebody that's

got the position like you, that'sable to make a difference in the community.
So I really applaud you for whatyou're doing. Thank you so much.
We're all about elevating our veterans andif you want to learn more information,
you can go to Gwinnett County dotcom slash Veterans Stand Down. I
love it, Gwennette County dot comforward slash a Veterans Stand Down Again.
This is an event that's completely readto the community and you don't have to

be from Gwennette County. Is thatcorrect? That is correct. We accept
anyone all over the metro. Comeone, come on, I love it,
I love it. Gwenette County tohost their first inaugural stand down event.
This is this Saturday, November fourth, from ten am to two pm.
Again, this is a free eventfor the community, Gwinett Veteran and
Family Center. This is located atfive six seven Swanson Driving, Lawrenceville.

And don't forget they encourage you toobviously register, but if you don't,
they will still take you in,but you can register again at Gwinnette County
dot com. Forward Slash Veterans standDown Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson again, thank you
so much for stopping by and youknow, being part of of the community
and making a difference of what youdo. Thank you. I hope to
see you there. Likewise, thankyou,
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