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May 30, 2023 21 mins
En este podcast, Orlando Mix presenta a Sheriff Keybo Taylor, Alguacil Del Condado De Gwinnett, para discutir la iniciativa de reclutamiento dirigida específicamente a la comunidad hispana. Han ajustado el requisito obligatorio de edad a 18 años para los alguaciles auxiliares. Además de recibir un bono de inscripción de $3200, los alguaciles auxiliares recibirán reembolso de matrícula, capacitación mejorada y oportunidades de mentoría. Se brindará una orientación de 4 semanas sobre las operaciones de la cárcel y siete semanas de capacitación en campo por parte de un oficial instructor. Los alguaciles auxiliares recién contratados contarán con un mentor del Programa de Mentoría del Departamento del Sheriff del Condado de Gwinnett. Este programa ofrecerá una guía adecuada para desarrollar su carrera en la aplicación de la ley en la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Gwinnett. Además, Se Habló Sobre Próximos Eventos Como El "Back To School Bash" Y El "Sheriff's Cup Invitational Football Game & Banquet", Los Cuales Prometen Ser Emocionantes Y Llenos De Diversión. No te pierdas este episodio del podcast en el que Orlando Mix y Sheriff Keybo Taylor te mantendrán informado sobre las oportunidades de carrera en el Departamento del Sheriff del condado de Gwinnett y los emocionantes eventos que se avecinan. ¡Sintoniza y descubre cómo puedes formar parte de esta iniciativa y disfrutar de las emocionantes actividades planificadas en el condado de Gwinnett! Visita:
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Orlando Mixed Parto podcast mass I heardLatino, Atlanta and important Queuette County Sheriff's

Office gon a sheriff de te Condado. It's a riff people, Taylor gonna
do a little Spanglish, say,let's flippitto English. You know we got
a balinguo crap. That's why,so I gotta I gottahit it with the
Spanish and English. Very important day, is what I'm saying. Why because
I have the opportunity to be notjust with somebody who admire, who I

respect, who I think and believethat has done huge strides and has done
a lot for this community, avery important community in the in the state,
specifically speaking to the Hispanic community.I'm at the Gwynette County Sheriff's Office
with the One and Only. Youguys have seen them. We've been in
various events since a couple of years. I've been working together. It's a
sheriff Keybol Taylor, how are youhey? I'm doing great. Just I

can't say the one and only.We're just gonna call it the original first,
Okay, everybody else is a fakecopy. There you go. I'm
the first Keyboll. How about that. I love it. I love it.
I love it, Sheriff. Youknow, a lot going on um
as we know, we're we're ina recruitment phase right now, looking for

a lot of experienced people. Butyou don't even have to be experienced because
you know, based on the websiteand based on what you guys are doing.
As far as recruitment, you know, you're looking at all types of
different jobs from you know, thecourtside, jail field ops. What's going
on? What do we need thecommunity to know that they have a great
opportunity right now at hand. Youknow, I look at it two different

ways. You know. Of course, yes, everybody's is in a crunch
for manpower. You know, everyagency across the nation is down. But
we're looking at it as also partof my commitment back to the community.
You know, when I first started, I talked about making sure, you
know that we serviced every community,and you know it's been my commitment from

day one to make sure that there'sbeen a positive presence in the Hispanic community,
you know, in any type ofway that we can. So this
is a two way need you know, yes, I need deputies, I
need people to here in civilian positions. I got the tension tech positions here,
but it also benefits the you know, the Hispanic community because by personnel

resources, that strengthens our relationships too. So we're looking for people that can
come in and fill these positions.We got some very high standards, you
know, we're looking for folks that'sgoing to come in, you know,
and to continue to help those standardsgrow. And so that is one of
the reasons why you know, I'mreaching out into the Hispanic community that you
know that if you know there's folksout there that fits that, then we'll

welcome them in to our agency.Can we go a little in the detail
again, this is a podcast thatwe could go. We could go for
hours here, but you know,we want to talk about also the benefits
because obviously there's a economic benefit tothis, but then there's other benefits that
you that you take on by beingpart of this great office that honestly,
man, I've seen the work youguys have done, from you know,
the back to school events to youknow, this event that you put together

I think started last year with theevent that you do with sports, and
then obviously you know, during timesof let's call it the end of the
year. You got the food drivethat you guys do. I mean,
there's a lot of things going onin the community and you get to be
a part of that if you're enrolledwith this great what we call it an
agency agency office out of the department, were an agency or in office.

And you're absolutely right. We havedone a lot, but there's still a
lot more to do. Even withthe things in the programs that we're put
in place, we're always looking tosee how we can better do it.
What I'm hoping for is this peoplelike yourself have seen the work that we're
doing. There's people out here thathas benefited from the work that we're doing.
What better way than to come onand be a part of it,
because the brain's new, fresh ideas, fresh faces to you know, the

organization. You know, we needthat, we need that that fresh energy
to come in to help us,you know, sustain some of the programs
that we're doing and may be enhanceableon those programs or come in with new
programs and new ideas. Especially ifsomebody has benefited from anything that we've done,
come on in and be a partof it. And you're right,
there's a financial, you know,advantage to coming in and being a part

of an agency like this, youknow, but it's also a very rewarding
career. Everybody can't do this.This is service and you know, it
means that you're giving more of yourselfmost of the time than what you're receiving
back. But that's the that's thegrace of what we do. That's the
glory of what we do, andthat's the reward of what we do.
And you know, looking at thewebsite for the people that are listening to

this podcast right now, the websiteis go GCSO dot com. So that's
simple, go GCSO dot com.All the information is there. I like
the website. I mean you gotshots from when you guys were doing the
different events. I mean it justtalks about the city of or not the
city, the County of Gwynat theareas you guys serve, and obviously the

different positions that are open and obviously, like we just said, the benefits
of working for this great agency fromsigning bonuses, there's all kinds of cool
stuff. You know. I evenheard about one of your corporals that has
to go on military leave and that'sthat's allowed too, you know, so
there's a lot of benefits. Yeah, it is the one thing that I
have to you know, somewhat disagreewith seeing that that gold GCS. So

it's not easy. Maybe easy foryou since you're in radio, but for
the rest of us coming people outhere, we can't get that a little
tied up. So I'm glad thatyou cleared that up for me so that
you know, during this interview ifI mess it up, that I got
to come back in and you canhelp me clean that up. But you
know, you get paid leave here, you get paid medical leave, you
get paid vacation leave. You know, we are we do honor you know,

people that have military commitments and uh, you know, nobody's penalized for
that. You know, we welcomethe service because again, service is service,
you know, and there's different many, many, many different ways and
branches and levels of government that youcan serve, even outside of government that
you serve. So in with thatand with that being said, you know,

we're aggressively working to make sure weget better benefit packages here, such
as pay things such as that we'relooking at. We've changed the age requirement
so that you know, we canget younger people in. It's always an
advantage and a disadvantage to whether ornot if you're bringing in people with the
experience or not. You know,the advantage is is that as long as
they come in and they buy himto our culture, our concepts of what

we want to do, then wewelcome that level of experience to come in
to help us grow. But onthe other side, if you take somebody
that has no experience, then thatgives us the opportunity to pour our culture,
our standards, you know, theway we want to bring them up
and train, you know, sothat how we feel like you're going to
best service you know, Greene Countyin the public. So that gives us

the opportunity both ways. I likeit because you know, I've seen your
department. I've seen what you guysare doing as far as the agency,
I mean, you even got yougot people from all parts and all walks
of life, and speaking specifically tothe Hispanic community, I mean I've met
people on your team from Colombia,from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico,
Mexico. I mean, you guyshave done a big, big reach to

make sure that everybody's well represented withinwhat Gwennett County is right, you know,
Gwennette County is one of it isone of the most diverse counties in
the nation. You know, wecan We're gonna lay claim to that.
What would be our dealistic is isif we could have representations from all of
the different you know, nations andcultures you know, working here in our

agency. Can we achieve that?I would like to say, I hope
so, but we're gonna shouldn't havetried to strive to get there. But
that's the beauty of it, man, That's the beauty of Gwynette County.
You know. It's the diversity,and it is the growth of opportunities to
come here, you know, andraise your families, you know, starting
you know, prosper with your business. You know, have recreation here,

good school systems here. And youknow, my job is to make sure
that you know, we provide youknow, in the and everybody just coming
in that same level of safety andcomfort you know, from the Sheriff's office.
And that's been our commitment. Youknow. For me, I love
to learn. I love learning aboutnew coaches. I love learning about you
know, coaches about I mean partsof folks coultures that I don't know,

don't understand, you know, Iguess that's just part of me. So
you know, with that, youknow, being ahead of this agency,
that's something that I welcome here.I've seen it in the events, just
how people look up to what you'redoing, you know, the Hispanic community
when we you know, got youto dance the other time on the pop
pop your back last time and knowwhat I'm saying, But it was good
man, it was a great Itwas a great time coming out of pandemic.

You know that first one you guysdid, then it got even better
the following year, and then youguys did the inaugural Sheriff's Cup invitation on
what you guys have been working onthat, I mean, I think it's
a great team that you put togetherhere. And then obviously with your leadership,
people want to be involved in thesetype of events. You know,
You've had my reassurance from me asthe PD of the station to always be
involved in these events. One becauseI appreciate what you're doing with the community

in two because I know the importanceof what that means to the community.
You know, to be you know, you see these families that. You
know, they look so happy onNovember going through the drive through, you
know, picking up their Thanksgiving mealand all your sheriff's all smiling and having
a great time. It's just it'sa great it's a great time to be
involved with the Gwenette County Sheriff's Office. You know. Again, for the

people that are listening to this podcast, all you gotta do, man,
it's sign up right now, Okay, go on, go to go g
CSO dot com. Go GCSO dotcom. And there's a big old button
that says applied today. That's it, man. You click on it and
it takes you to the steps andyou have the opportunity to be part of
this great organization, this great agencythat's the Gwennette County Sheriff's Office, led
by the Sheriff, Keybold Taylor andhis great team. I mean, I

just love being here, man.I know, a couple of hundred feet
over there, we got the decidethat a lot of people don't want to
be in, but you know,it's it's part of the community. You
have to you have to, youknow, enforce the law. You have
to make sure that the people thatare aren't doing the right things are,
you know, are learning from themistakes hopefully right. Yeah, and you
do you know, that's part ofthe job, you know, And we're
in luck. I always said,we're going to do our job, you

know. But the one thing aboutit is is that even if you become
what we call a resident over therefor the period of time that you're here,
we're gonna still treat them with thesame level of dignity and respect,
because that's not the end, youknow. And what we want to do
is make sure people come in.You got to pay your dudes. You
know, if you mess up,you pay your dudes. But then when
you pay your dues, then wewant to also make sure that we got

things that help that person to getback on track, because what we don't
want to do is see you comeback. You know. We like your
hospitality one time, but we don'twant to see you back in here.
So you know, it's not justabout you know, the enforcement, you
know, into what we do.I have always said that if we put
enough efforts in other areas, wecan still reduce crime. We can still

reduce the numbers of folks to windup in our facility on the wrong side.
But everybody's got to be committed tocoming in and doing that part,
participating in the things that we do, you know, and doing more to
make our community safe. That's whatwe're here for. That's you know,
for the listeners. We got gotdads, we got teenagers. We obviously

have our younger adults that are goinginto college, some coming out of college.
Some people probably don't even know whatthey want to do in life.
You know, there's there's a lotof different positions open. That's for everybody,
you know, and you know that'swhat we're here for. We're here
to invite you. And who betterto introduce this, this great opportunity than
the sheriff itself. You know,it just speaks about how humble you are.
You know, you could have easilyhad your communications person to sit down

with me and talk about it,but you want to be and missing opportunity
to talk with you. Man,Come on, I'm not gonna miss that
opportunity. You're right, But youknow, and and and just reciprocating a
little bit. You know, Iappreciate you, you know, I appreciate
everything. You know, you've alwaysanswered the bill for our agency. I
consider you a true leader in yourcommunity. You know, your voice is

important. You're doing the right thing, and you know, just keep it
up even when you know it makesseems hard, or you know people are
against you or whatever. You know, you always be committed to, you
know, doing the right thing,and I think you'll always be okay.
You know, as far as thedancing thing goes, man, that's something
that we don't you know, Ithink my dancing day is about over.
You know. I was told theother day by a preacher that I had

no rhythm. So I guess I'mmoving a whole other different direction with that
right there. But speaking of churches, man, you know, let me
go ahead and put this into forthe Hispanic churches out here. I don't
feel like I've done a good enoughjob of reaching out and making sure that
we're connecting, all right. Youknow, we've connected in you know,

into the black communities, white churches, you know, but I had an
event and I did not see Hispanicchurches there. So I'm reaching back out,
you know, to leaders out herein the Hispanic community. I'm reaching
out right now on this podcast.You know, if you religious of faith
based leaders man that wants to comein and join and be a part of
what we're doing. We welcome you, you know, I welcome the opportunity

to meet, welcome the opportunity totalk. I welcome the opportunity for you
to address your concerns and you know, whatever that you may have. And
uh, and I welcome the ideason what we can do to partnership in
with the churches to you know,make our community a little bit better there
too. I appreciate that. Andthat's that's a great you know, it's
a great call out for for allthe different churches that are out there.

You know, you got the Catholiccommunity that's really big here. You know,
the Christian community is a lot alot of people that need that need
this advice. And sureff talking alittle bit more about you know, we're
not getting get into details, butyou know, we had the opportunity to
have a conversation with another department anddiscounting about all these overdoses and all this
stuff that's happening with you know,with all these different drugs that are happening.
What is your department doing to makesure that people are young people safe.

I think it starts with education.And back in the days when I
actually worked in drugs or you know, special excation, whatever you want to
call it, two things that identifytwo areas. You know, you got
supply and demand. We always focusedin on supply. How do we stop
the supply? How do we stopyou know, the influx of drugs into
the community. I don't feel likewe ever put enough emphasis on reducing the

demand. As long as there isa demand for drugs, that's gonna be
a supply. My personal thoughts isis I feel like we're gonna have to
focus shift our focus more to dealingwith the issues of demand and how do
we do that. I'm not sayingmore programs. I'm saying programs that work.
You know, there's a lot ofdifferent programs out here. Everybody can

come in. I got a programthat does ABC, but it's your program
working. Is it effective? Youknow? And I can remember, you
know, long story short. Youknow when crack cocaine first came in,
and you know, the homemade myththose were some very hard drugs at that
time. To see people come inwith programs that was actually effective enough to

get those people off those drugs,and those two drugs right there was very
damaging. You know, they tookdrug addiction to a whole nother different level,
fortunate and unfortunate. I got tosee it from the grounds up,
and so how some horrendous stories abouthow it affected people. But what we
need to be doing now is iswe need to have more educational type programs,

especially structured curriculums in the school systemsthat we can talk about these things.
It used to be when they hadprograms like this back in the day,
you know, there was just onetrack, one dimensional, which there
were still good programs, but therewere one tracting. They weren't one dimensional.
What I see is is that there'sa lot of those old concepts from
from some of those old programs likeDARE and the other names of them actually

escape me now. But the principlesare good. We just have to go
back in and make sure that weupdate the information that goes into those programs
and that we you know, putthe resources and the manpower out to getting
out into these areas and spreading thatgiving these kids to education better educations on
while they why they're making their choice. The second part, too, it

is is that people have to knowthat most folks that are addicted to drugs,
you know that there's a coal mobilitythere. It means that you know,
not only are they dealing with thedrug addiction portion of it, they're
also dealing with mental illness too,and one helps to cope with the other,
and both of them are very destructiveunless we get those people a proper
help and treatment that they need.There's so many things in the community happening,

but I knew that one, thatone popped out a lot for us,
because you know, we're getting hitall the time with you know,
it's odean, you know, onfetano and all that mass that's going on
and accidentally you know, touching somethingor substance, and you know, it's
just it's crazy the world we livein now. But you know, having
the Gwennette County Sheriff's Office protecting ourcommunity is vital to stopping all this,

you know. So again I wantto thank you, Sheriff for always opening
the doors, and now you literallyopen the doors to your place right here,
the Gwennett County Sheriff's Office. Oneof my co workers and good friend
of mine that's in this podcast rightnow checking us out. You know,
we were having a conversation. It'sit's a long ways from the office,
but it's it's the community. Thisis where the Hispanic community is at.
It's Gwennette County is the biggest countyin the state, is the biggest Hispanic

community concentration, and we want toalways be involved. We're talking about planning
some events that we want to doin the Gwennette County area and for sure
we're going to have the whole commandcenter they're set up with Gwenette County and
we want to we want to havea good time and and get the community
understand that. You know, theseopportunities don't come a lot right now.
Obviously post pandemic, there's there's abig need for recruitment in a lot of

positions, but this is one thatcan be very beneficial and very gratifying for
you as a person. You know, especially when you're getting involved in the
community, because you're seeing all kindsof people that are having situations go on
where they can't translate correctly or theycan't understand the communication. There's nothing worse
than an officer stopping you and becauseyou don't know the language, you don't
understand what they're telling you to do. On your left like or you do

something improper, you know, talkingto a family member of my wife that's
from Mexico and Mexico it's normal forwhen the pop pulls you over for you
to get out of the car,you do that here, I mean,
and ain't gonna go that well,you know. So it's just that to
education. And I know at ourradio station, we've always tried to speak
about these things and these type ofprograms because you want to educate the community
too. You know, a lotof people expect that the community just knows,

and it's it's not like that.You know, the community also needs
to be educated and understand the lawsand abide by them too, but at
the same time understanding and have itcome from people like you that has always
been, you know, the frontfacing of this great agency. So nothing
Sheriffs. I just want to thankyou again for you know, being on
on the mics for for I HeeartAtlanta, for Z one to five seven,
for Patron. You know, we'regonna put this on all our different

stations and make sure that this messagegets out there that the Gwennette County Sheriff's
Office is looking for people in alldifferent departments to go to go GCSO dot
com, Go GCSO dot com.I also put it on the description of
the podcast or right there on thedescription you'll see the website, so you
could just go straight from there andapply and look at the different benefits.

And just to close it off,Sheriff, what events we got coming up?
Man? Oh man, you excitedabout some events coming up for you,
man, no doubt. On Augusteleventh, in the twelfth, we're
having our annual Sheriff's Cup. Now, okay, and last year, you
know, we did it with acouple of Gwynette County teams. This year

we're doing it with I think wegot Calf County, we got Fulton County,
we got the Calf County and andof course you know, the best
football is need I say, ishere in Gwynette County, you know.
And I'm not just saying it,but it's the truth. But on August
the eleven, we're gonna host thedinner for the participants. August the twelfth
is gonna be the game day.It's gonna be over College Hill High School,

and we can get you that information. We'd love to have people to
come out and uh, you know, help us. You know, see
what we're doing and have some funout there that day. But even before
that, going back to July thetwenty ninth, we're having our back to
school event that I'm really looking forwardto. That my favorite one. We're
coming up with some different ideas youknow, this year, not only we're
going to be giving out backpacks,but we're looking to you know, have

a stronger driving presence to collect schoolmaterials and uh things, supplies and stuff
like that for the teachers and educator. And we're also working on a couple
more things as far as that go. And then also too on Novermber the
night you know, that's our fooddrive and it goes down. People goes

man from the music, from justthe way you invoke it at the at
the beginning. You know, you'reyou're very like you. You made it
very clear that you're very faith orientedand obviously you or we start off with
a nice prayer and and get everybodypumped up and ready to go. You
know, we got a little rainlast time, but I didn't stop people
from the stuff. But they didnot It did not stop nothing. It
was it was great. We still, you know, recognize that there's still

some knees. Still some insecurities outhere, and uh man, don't don't,
don't set back, because we mighthave a couple more a little surprises
of our sleep. You just youdon't know yet, but we'll see you
know. But make sure that whenwe get these surprises ready to go,
you're gonna be the one of thefirst ones we call get that appreciation appreciaterif

thank you for all you so much, No, thank you, Sheriff Kebole
Taylor, that paramo Guenette County Sheriff'soffice like Gangue County. I go g
C s o punto com go gC s o punto comic past. I

heard Latino Atlanta
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