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Illegitimate Scholar

Our culture is in crisis and I don’t trust woke universities and authoritarian governments to give us the solution. I examine modern culture through history and anthropology, as well as other sources like indigenous knowledge and common sense. This is a show for those who love academics but hate academia, and want to learn about social studies without the constraining limits of woke universities. Reach me on Discord, and other sites:, If you have any thoughts you'd like to share please email me:


July 21, 2024 75 mins

I am very sorry for the delay. A lot of indecision about what I want to be producing going forward. Standalone Youtube Videos coming more often. Will likely move podcast to once every 2 week, but with more content on Twitter and Youtube. 

Trying to find ways to stream more but without risk of being shut down (cannot believe this happened on a 50 year old documentary)

Find Daniella's Twitter and Substack below...

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In this episode, I talk to Art of Purpose and he shares his journey of going from a Public school teacher to self employed millionaire. Dino and I discuss Teaching, the issues with public school, mindset, and finding your purpose. Art of Purpose is a social media consultant, and I learned a lot of my Twitter knowledge from him. I highly recommend personally his courses and communities and find him on X spaces every Monday if you wa...

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Exploring Societal Collapse, Autonomous Communities, and Network States | Illegitimate Scholar Ep. 64

In Episode 64 of the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast, I'm joined by Dimes from Blood Satellite to discuss civilization collapse, social constructs, and the rise of network states. We examine the differences between hunter-gatherer societies and modern complex systems, and consider the potential for societal collapse. The epis...

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Cultural Interactions, Linguistic Evolution, and Societal Unrest: A Deep Dive

Wandering Humanist Youtube:

Doc Brown Twitter:

In Episode 63 of the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast, I am joined by Doc Brown of the Wandering Humanist. Join us as we delve into historical linguistics, the evolution of taboo terms, and cultural interactions ....

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May 27, 2024 93 mins

Astrological Ages, Calendars, and Bitcoin Decoded with Glass Delusions | Ep. 62 Illegitimate Scholar Podcast

Join us in Episode 62 of the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast as Glass Delusions explores the intricate connections between astrology, the Gregorian calendar, and Bitcoin. Discover how the Catholic Church's Gregorian calendar may have anchored us in the Age of Pisces as a psyop, and delve into the astrological alig...

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Defining Modern Masculinity: From Cultural Shifts to Classical Education

Will Spencer Youtube:  @renofmen  

Will Spencer Website: 

I am joined on the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast by Will Spencer from the Renaissance of Men podcast. We he engage in a dialogue around modern masculinity, societal changes, and cultural impacts. We into the role of single-parent households, influential figures lik...

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Axios Fitness

Signup Link for Axios Fitness:

I, Illegitimate Scholar and JD Sterker delve into the negative impacts of modern lifestyles on physical and mental health, highlighting the Axios Fitness solution. Through a conversation with JD Sterker, founder of Axios Fitness, we critique societal norms affecting well-being and activism. Axios Fitness, counters these ...

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Brad Pearce joins me on IS Geopolitics. We discuss The United States Military being forced out of Niger and most of the Sahel and the crucial $100 million dollar military drone base being taken by Russian forces. This follows last year's American funded coup. 

This area of the world is key for American foreign policy and is one of many areas in the Sahel and broader Africa that has seen recent turmoil.

Brad P...

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 Dissident Review Volume 5 Including my article on Propaganda:

"True History of the American Revolution" for the Bookclub w/ Typo:

Alaric the Barbarian who edits the Dissident Review joins me for episode 059 of the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast. This podcast episode brings together comprehensive discussions on the themes of propaganda, identity, h...

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May 1, 2024 91 mins

 I delve into a conversation with Max  from WBS Apparel about the brand's approach to community-focused collaborations and merchandise. It further explores the impact of commercial endeavors on fandoms, particularly within the Warhammer community, and the cultural and historical significance tied to global empires, focusing notably on China's historical and cultural narratives. Additionally, the episode navigates through ...

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Identity, Multiculturalism, and Societal Shifts

Written by AI for Keywords and Simplicity. (Do not blame me for how it sounds college liberally)

Prudentialist Youtube:

Prudentialist Substack:

I, Illegitimate Scholar, together with the Prudentialist discuss identity, multiculturalism, and the evolving societal dynamic...

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A rich examination of personal responsibility, self-improvement, and the critical reassessment of societal norms. Significance of breaking free from mainstream narratives, the role of social media in supporting personal awakenings, and the journey towards spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. This episode critique the media's portrayal of reality, Hollywood's influence, and gov...

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We discuss the situation in Haiti and the current news. The Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned and leadership is up in the air as gangs and government troops face off. The presumed leader is a former National Police officer, named Barbecue. The situation has deteriorated into Civil War conditions, with civilian deaths and a lack of political organiz...

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Why an Italian Zoomer Converted to Buddhism

This is the Illegitimate Scholar Podcast and this week I interview Theravada Buddhism practitioner, Angelo. Originating from Italy, Angelo narrates his transition from Catholicism to embracing Theravada Buddhism, discussing its practices, impact on morality, and viewpoints on gender roles, compared to Nichiren Buddhism and Westernized versions of the faith. The conversation extends to...

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March 4, 2024 73 mins

Basil Neobactrian, a "gay" Celibate Muslim Afghan-American Anti-left Marxist. We discuss the New Right. We discuss The concept of identity being tied to sexuality at all. Hence the "gay". We talk about why he is an EX leftist and still considers himself Marxism. We touch on Marxist theory and its uses and discuss the Political concept of Materialism which comes from Marx. We talk about the two sides of leftism, ...

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February 26, 2024 80 mins


I, Samuel Urban, the Illegitimate Scholar talk to Rogue Philosopher, an American who emigrated from  New Jersey to Central Asia. The discussions center around his experiences of the distinct nomadic traditions, local business dynamics, religious beliefs, and unique practices like bride kidnapping, and the outlook on life in Kyrgyzstan. Rogue Philosopher teaches Philosophy there and wants to get closer to Traditional Life that he s...

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February 19, 2024 104 mins

Nordic, Irish, and Indigenous Cultures

Samuel Urban of Illegitimate Scholar has a Conversation with Nordhugr, on the value and preservation of cultural identities. We discuss the Differences between the Irish and Celtic Diaspora in the United States and Canada and the Scandinavian Nordic Diaspora. We Discuss cultural anthropology. The discussion branches off to address shifting cultural identities in America, focusing on U.S Co...

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Bog Beef and Maarek of the Good Ol Boyz Podcast Join me to discuss Patronage and its relation to Cultural Anthropology. We discuss the breakdown of China in the 19th century, the difference between a Mafia and a Government and that leads into the concept of power and legitimacy in the post Civil War South, Reconstruction. We discuss power struggles between the Federal and State Governments and the dead concept of Federalism. We dis...

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January 28, 2024 133 mins

I discuss with Buck Mulligan, Irish nationalism and British Imperialism. Starting with the  Anglo-Norman Invasion to modern times, covering the influence of various invaders, the Irish plantation system, the potato famine, the Easter Rising, and the creation of the Republic of Ireland. We discuss the 'Troubles', the impact of paramilitary groups, and the Good Friday Agreements. Contemporary issues are also addressed; the ...

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December 17, 2023 14 mins

I discuss cultural diffusion, how how cultures spread over time. 

This is important to understanding why cultures change over time and recognize it when you see it historically or contemporarily. 

We discuss forced, direct, and indirect diffusion. These are the Mechanisms with which cultural diffusion happens. 

I then break down cultural diffusion to the five types, expansion diffusion, relocation diffusi...

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