I'm Super Serious

I'm Super Serious

A podcast where I talk about various fictional ideas and stories with my deliciously alluring dark voice. Bathe in the waters of my mind and soul.


June 19, 2022 10 mins

This episode is about a particular room in a motel in Idaho. The room holds unusual mystery and intrigue. Learn about the motel, it's unusual room numbering system, and be taken to the scene of what slowly unravels into a strange conundrum that will have you gripping your nails into your palms. 

Mark as Played

This story features the unusual relationship between a rabbit and an acorn. Their lives know no bounds. Their connection is as true as the sunset. The rich dark forest they reside in feeds them with numerous memorable adventures that will never be forgotten. Join them on a path of trust, fear, and danger that will change their lives forever. 

Mark as Played
June 8, 2022 9 mins

Good day. I hope you are well. We dive into a interesting topic and a silly trend of license plate blocking, which appears to be getting more popular. Retailers across the internet are selling items designed to purposely block the view of a license plate. Why, though? For profit? Well, of course. Is this a smart thing to do? Hmm... maybe common sense can answer that one, too. 

Mark as Played
May 31, 2022 11 mins

Ah yes: Scarlet Rot. We take a look at the in-real-life version Scarlet Rot for the third episode in a row. However, in this episode, the graveyard red butterflies take center stage. These butterflies have surprisingly started a small movement that has even garnered the attention of local police. Oh no.

Let us learn more about these mysterious red butterflies: have they been planted by a fan or fans of the game Elden Ring? ...

Mark as Played
May 26, 2022 13 mins

Let us dive a little more into the world of Scarlet Rot, in the fictional and non-fictional realms. We will also talk about a lone fan of the game where the disease originated, and her fatal mistake of ultimate fandom. Scarlet Rot kills, but can it make one reborn?

Mark as Played
May 20, 2022 16 mins

What would happen if the fictional Scarlet Rot disease from the video game Elden Ring became a real disease that afflicted real people? Well, this may have actually happened. Let us explore what exactly Scarlet Rot is, and what fans have done to bring it into the real world, with fatal consequences.

Mark as Played
May 12, 2022 12 mins

In this episode we talk about a company that is currently working hard on actually pushing the moon further away from the earth for the sole goal of extending the duration of each day we experience. How are they doing this exactly?

Mark as Played
May 10, 2022 13 mins

Explore with us an interesting invention designed to wake you up in a unique way. With the combination of multiple cameras and lasers, the Candle of Wake will wake you up every single time you need to be up with no issues. It is also more effective than a regular alarm! 

Mark as Played

We learn a bit more about the newly created restaurant Jurassic Tastes and what's behind their unique lab grown meat offerings. Would you eat lab grown meat based off of actual fossilized dinosaur DNA, or is it just a sham?

Mark as Played

Let us examine a new restaurant that has just opened up in New York City called Jurassic Tastes. This restaurant uses DNA samples found from fossilized dinosaurs to create lab grown dinosaur meat. How does this process work, and what dinosaurs are being featured?

Mark as Played
April 29, 2022 13 mins

What if you could cook chicken without using any heat source, hm? We discuss an incredible cooking method created by Dormell University that will blow you away. And the best part: it tastes like fried chicken.

Mark as Played
April 27, 2022 16 mins

Take a little journey to the center of the earth to meet a dentist of wisdom and his two assistants. Their goals are beyond your understanding, though we aim to change that.

Mark as Played
April 21, 2022 13 mins

Let us take a look at the Deathium pill, a Canadian euthanasia pill that is specifically designed to euthanize exactly at the 30-day mark. Why is this needed, and how does it work exactly? Let us dive in.

Mark as Played
April 20, 2022 13 mins

Is Guinevere really a ghost? Will it actually be found? And how can we explain it logically? Let it dive just a little deeper into this mystery plaguing our oceans worldwide. 

Mark as Played
April 15, 2022 16 mins

Learn about one of the most mysteries ships to ever travel the waters of the earth: Guinevere. It has been spotted many times, but never up close. Does it really exist? 

Mark as Played
April 12, 2022 14 mins

Does Earth have more than one moon? The answer may surprise you, and the reason why will make you sigh in disgust. Let us explore the Oil Moon together in this episode. 

Mark as Played
April 8, 2022 14 mins

We look further into the Avonk device and to how exactly it can change a nightmare into something happy. We have received a lot of input from our last show and we dive further into what the device can do with a nightmare that involves a monster. 

Mark as Played
April 6, 2022 13 mins

The episode is about a smart device that actually manipulates your thoughts and dreams. Turn your nightmares into happiness and your apples into oranges. Control your thoughts with Avonk. 

Mark as Played
March 31, 2022 15 mins

We went over what Sad Putty is and does, but how safe is it really? Should you really be swallowing it? We take a look at a private lab test of Sad Putty to discover what it is actually made of. The results are a bit shocking, and the manufacturer isn't too happy about it. 

Mark as Played
March 29, 2022 11 mins

How sad can Sad Putty actually get? Well, pretty darn say, if you ask me. We take a look at the invention of Sad Putty and the unusual complexities it holes. Is Everything believable? 

Mark as Played

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