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May 20, 2024 87 mins

On this episode, we had the good fortune of sitting down with Brandon Puglisi of Puglisi Counseling in a conversation that ranged from his background to his multi-faceted approach to therapy.  No two people are exactly alike and neither should be the approach to each person's mental health.  Brandon spells it out in his unique, open, and friendly way where there is never any judgment. 

As practitioners, occultists, pagans, etc. this is invaluable to know as many times therapists come with their own biases and preconceived notions in terms of spirituality, religion, or the lack thereof. 

This was one of our favorite episodes and we're planning to do a LIVE event in the next month or so where folks can ask questions etc. with Brandon and us during the recording.

Thanks so much, Brandon for taking the time out to chat with us this morning!

Find out more information about Brandon and his practice at the following URL:

Puglisi Counseling



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