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October 12, 2022 28 mins

Feel like you are just addicted to sugar? Every day the sugar cravings just overwhelm you. It’s as if it has you in shackles. Well, it’s time to snap out of those sugar shackles and you and I are going to do that together by looking at why we have cravings in the first place and what we can do about it. I'm going to show you that there is a lot more to sugar cravings than just lack of willpower. There are 7 key reasons WHY you are craving sugar and we are addressing all of them. Let’s break free today on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

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Today's podcast is a timely one for you.  We are going into the SUGAR season! It's October and so it begins.  In today's podcast I'll give you tremendous insight on WHY you are craving sugar so you can snap out of the sugar shackles.  Check out these key reasons why you crave sugar!

  1. Your Blood Sugar is Imbalanced
  2. You have Dysbiosis (Poor Gut Health)
  3. You are Addicted to Sugar
  4. You are Nutrient Deficient
  5. You are Sleep Deprived
  6. You are Dehydrated
  7. You are Stressed

Got your attention? Now, listen to learn more! Here are the links that I referenced in the podcast:

Magnesium podcast - From Illness to Impact - Reclaim your Health, Overcome Overwhelm and Learn how Magnesium can Heal with Kristen Bowen

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Ready for a great community with additional resources and support for your health? Check out

Thyroid podcast - Let's Talk Thyroid with Carrie Vitt

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