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May 11, 2021 35 mins

I’m 46 years old and I have finally learned how to work out smarter so I can master my metabolism and guess what…I’m sharing that with you today! I’m determined to bust up the whole myth that you have to starve yourself and then torture yourself in the gym to boost your metabolism and get some results! Let’s stop the insanity.

We have a special guest to give us a unique perspective on exercise so you can work out smarter, not harder. It’s Part 2 How to Master your Metabolism without Exercise Torture. Key word is torture!  Today's guest, personal trainer, Kailey Burton is sharing with us the unique perspective of functional movement.

Functional movement, by definition, means relating to certain tasks and the ability of the body to do what you would like it to do.  Whether it is a particular sport or hobby or daily tasks.  It is practical movement.  This is certainly the approach that we need as we age so that we have nothing holding us back from living life to the fullest.  Functional movement looks at the body as a whole; a beautifully designed machine where everything works together.  Your body is not just a series of parts.

As you age, if you want to truly master your metabolism, it is imperative to avoid the ineffective exercise torture!  Listen as Kailey and I discuss practical tips to get in shape and avoid injuries!  You will love this perspective!


If you are a mom and you are in survival mode and you feel like your health and your life is spiraling, then I have a special gift for you!

A gift to equip and encourage you. The Top 5 Habits for the Spiraling Mom to gain Inner Peace and Total Control. You can access it by going to

To connect with Kailey Burton, go to @builtbyintention on Instagram or

For the FB group  - Functional Medicine for Weight Loss - Body, Mind, Soul Wellness for Women. Click here

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