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September 29, 2023 31 mins

Are you tired of sleepless nights, hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog Does it seem like your waistline is ever expanding no matter what you do? On today’s podcast, we are tackling more myths and facts of menopause. We are exposing the lies of hormone balance and equipping you with the crucial information that you need so you can tackle midlife with more energy, fewer mood swings, less unwanted weight and more vibrancy! Let’s do this. Myths and Facts of Menopause - Part 2. It’s all today on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

Here's a glimpse of the myths that I uncover in this podcast...

  1. This is just about managing symptoms or avoiding the symptoms that make us miserable in midlife.
  2. What you’ve done in the past will work for you now.
  3. It’s just you. You are the only one who is suffering and trying to figure out what the heck is happening to your body and your mind.
  4. There is a magic bullet that will fix your hormones. You just need to find it.
  5. If you gain weight during perimenopause, you must be lazy and have no willpower.

You will only hear the answers to these IF you listen!! By the way, if you missed Myths and Facts of Menopause - Part 1...Listen here!

As you can hear on my latest podcasts, I'm fired up and ticked off! It is absolutely shameful how messed up Women's health care is!! We are in 2023 and there is no excuse! But instead of trying to change a big, antiquated system like our current sick care system, instead I'm going to empower and educate YOU!

I talk about the upcoming midlife hormone program that is in development now! Here are just a few of the features...

  • A signature course designed for midlife women. This fully comprehensive course will provide a midlife transformation blueprint that takes you through 5 foundational pillars. The self-paced course with video modules will educate you on the science and strategies as you address Gut Health, Adrenal Function, Metabolic Health, Thyroid Sufficiency and Hormones.
  • Of course, all five of these foundations work together to achieve a hormone harmony that will provide you with the essential energy, strength, stamina, mental clarity and vibrancy that you are searching for. This course will empower you with the much-needed education on hormone replacement therapy so you can make the best decision for you.
  • There will be options for hormone testing using the DUTCH test, gut health testing using the GI Map and bloodwork. This option includes full intrepretation and a protocol designed specifically for you.
  • A beautiful community of women, a sisterhood of like-minded individuals like you who are determined to learn more and regain control of their hormones, health and happiness. This will be hosted on a platform outside of social media! Yay!!
  • Group coaching sessions for discussion and questions twice a month

Yes, it is extensive. Listen to the podcast so you understand WHY a course is so important and so valuable. And I've heard from so many of you that you are ready! But the program is not ready just yet. To get on the First to Know list, click here

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