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June 29, 2022 30 mins

Stop Ignoring your Stress & Stop Ignoring your Health

You've been operating in stress mode for so long, you don't even recognize it. That fight or flight mode? Well, that's your norm. It's absolutely destroying your health, causing you to lose sleep and yes, gain weight. Oh, and it's stealing your happiness! Stop ignoring your stress and stop ignoring your health! I'm going to give you some tips to beat stress and overwhelm. It's all today on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

Speaking of stress, did you know that you burn through your magnesium stores more readily when you are stressed?  Magnesium deficiency is probably the reason WHY you are feeling so fatigued, crave sugar, struggle with bathroom issues, have imbalanced hormones and aren't sleeping good! Yeah, magnesium is a big deal, and you actually absorb it better through your skin.  This is why I use a magnesium soak! I love to use this for either a bath or to soak my feet.  The brand that I use comes from Living the Good Life Naturally and they have been kind enough to offer a discount to YOU, my listeners! Go to and use the promo code IHH.

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