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July 13, 2023 13 mins

We are continuing our Summer Series - mini podcasts with hot topics! Short, sweet and to the point.

Today's topic? Intermittent fasting. It’s gotten a lot of attention. It’s summer time! You are wearing a swimsuit; you are wearing shorts and you can’t hide under bulky sweaters & jeans. So, weight is at the top of your mind. You’ve done IF (intermittent fasting) before and it worked. So, what’s different now?

We are talking intermittent fasting for the middle-aged woman. You may be doing this all wrong! And today I’m going to give you the low down and point out some common mistakes that I have made and seen a lot of my clients make. And then share with you my top considerations on how to do IF efficiently so you can reap ALL the benefits. Straight talk for the middle-aged woman, today on the Healthy Harmony podcast!

Join me next time for Summer Food - How much protein do I need?

PS...You heard me talk about all the hormone training I'm doing. And I will be a mid-life hormone specialist in September!! This is key info that is so desperately needed for us as women! Don't worry, I'm working on a program just for you. In the meantime, keep listening because I'm sharing key tidbits of what I'm learning. I've got your back!

PSS....Did you miss the previous episode? It was on electrolytes and you need to hear this! Summer Hydration - Do I need Electrolytes? Click here to listen!

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